Valve's Steam Platform Surges to 40 Million User Accounts, 1,800 Games in 2011



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pc gaming is dead



I'm rapidly approaching 4 decades, so I'm from an older generation - one that relies on tangible, physical media.  I don't trust electronic data files, I trust my ability to maintain CDs/DVDs.  And then you have companies (like Apple's iTunes) that say, "if you lose your song, we'll happilly replace - with the second copy you purchase."  So for these reasons (not too mention all my precious data out on the interwebs), I resisted Steam for several year; to the point that if the game said I needed to install Steam, I would pass on purchasing it.

But Steam was becoming a juggernaut in the industry, so I couldn't ignore it forever.  I finally brokedown and read how Steam operated...and I was impressed.  I could use any computer (I could even have the game installed on 2 computers at once!)?  I didn't have to buy it again?  They would house a record of my library indefinitely?  Allow me unlimited downloads? Well, it was almost too good to be true - many of my hesitations no longer applied.  So about 2 years ago I started using Steam...slowly at first (buying only a handful of games).  As the old saying goes, "if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't."

But so far, it's been wonderful.  I ran up a huge bill over the holidays because I finally succumbed to their siren call.  And I'm very happy I did.

I say all this because other internet based companies can learn a valuable lesson from their service.  I still buy CDs for music and DVDs for movies because I still don't trust electronic media AND I don't want to have to buy it again if I lose my HDD (and I ultimately buy less because I have the cost and storage of the media to consider).  But I've spent several hundreds with Steam - often buying items I normally wouldn't because of the price; BUT most importantly, because when I finally do get around to playing it (no matter what computer I'm using now or how many times I've lost data) Steam will let me play with the game I purchased - a right I think I've earned.




I love their sales :'D


Roll Tide

The best part about the incredible deals and games available on steam is that it encourages "giftiness". I have given DLC and indie games as well as games like Portal to others.


In a side note ROLL TIDE! January 9th.



Steam rocks. ;)



While I'll chock this up as great news, I don't think Steam has 1800+ games. 1400+ games sure, but I believe it would be 1800+ when you include DLC, 90 of that is for one game.



hut how many of those accounts are unique??

I personally have had 2-3.... usually due to forgetting passwords, and paying next to nothing for the game again

i know several people in similar situations..... although i guess 3 accounts is still 3 accounts



Overall Steam has performed well and I haven't had any issues with most games I own. One or two like to crash once in a while to the desktop, like Torchlight, but I can't prove if it's the game or Steam client. Skyrim has been a major pain but I think most if not all the blame goes to Bethesda. I haven't played it since they added 4GB RAM support so hopefully that fixed a lot.

Steam sales are excellent and I've saved a lot of money buying games at 50%-75% off. I was a bit angry that I didn't wait to buy Arkham City.

I haven't even had a chance to play it yet but I pre-ordered it because they were giving $10 if you owned Arkham Asylum. Then they go and sell it for 50% off over Christmas! /end rant

Note to devs: Without Steam I don't think I would've heard of half the games that have caught my interest, especially indie titles. There are quite a few games that just don't get a ton of promos but are excellent. One good reason why you should sell games with Steam.




Gawd, that Steam sale over the holidays was TERRIFIC! I too got burned on $120 worth of a couple of copies of Deus EX Human Revolution that was on sale for as low as $16.10. But I also was scarfing up games that were the best in class for as low as $2.49! I limited myself to $100 worth of games and spent about $80 but got a ton of games for me and my sons and a friend. I was pretty much devastated when I could no longer go at 1PM and scope out what was for sale that day. It was exciting as hell and at these prices, even just watching the game's intro was worth the entire price of the game. I know I had two friends sign up for a couple of games that I scremed for them to BUY THIS!

  The indie games have been great. It is really the best way for indie companies to get their games published.

 I expect great things from Steam and I have got them. Long live Steam!



"The indie games have been great."

Agreed.  Before Steam, finding idie games was tough.  I'd say about 1/3rd of my steam purchases have been for indie games.

AI War has consumed a lot of my game time.



And I think I have about 1,650 of those games due to their damn sales.  :p



My wife saw my library page listing all the games I'd bought and said o.0 wtf husband?

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