Valve's November Hardware Survey Shows Gamers Prefer Intel, Nvidia. Also, The Sky is Blue



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I guess i'm from majority, XP SP3 (With Vista skin) + Geforce and good old pentium 4 ;)



LIES! the sky is not blue, it's a putrid shade of burnt umbar......

 I'm close to the norm: Intel, nVidia but I run Vista x64



I'm on Ubuntu with a Nvidia card and AMD processor. I don't really fit in anywhere.I also don't use Steam.



I am in that majority that uses Intel CPU's (I have a 3 GHz Pentium D), and nVidia GPU's (I have a 9800GTX+).

HOWEVER, I use Windows XP Pro x64! While a lot of people use XP itself, very few are using XP x64, which I find to be far superior.



I used to like AMD cpus and nVidia gpus, but now I always prefer Intel and ATI for CPUs and GPUs, and since AMD looks like it's going to die off, and nVidia can't seem to use less that 1.21 gigawatts per card, I don't think it will cahnge my opinions anytime soon.



OK we all know the ONLY choice for some time now has been INTEL for the CPU, but what interests me is are there any statistics showing how the ATI 4870, 4850 and 4870 x2 have affected the data.

Have Gamers been asked whether the NVIDIA substrate chip issue affected their purchase choices?

I am not a AMD/ATI fan boy nor a NVIDIA hater, I own and use both until the ATI 48xx series there only was one video choice as i said before IS the case with CPU choice. OK you do have a choice Intel Quad Core Q6xxx or INTEl Quad Core I-7.

 With the Video card it is a matter of price performance once again...finally.



just what i was thinking.  i've been an AMD fan for a long time, but i've finally had enough and i'm going to core i7.  But why is nvidia so strong.  the performance/dollar ratio is way better for ATI.



I'm guessing it's because AMD cards always come out after nVidia and by the time AMDs cards get traction nVidia brings something else out. Bad timing? Idk, but it's just a guess.

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