Valve Sues Activision, Activision Threatens to Return Fire



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Well, it's another clash of the titans. No offence to Activision, but maybe it's time for them to ship out. Over the last few years, their titles have gone so far down the drain to the point where every game from them as of late is a remake or rehash of its predecessor.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



Activision should've died alongside it's redundant and monotonous Tony Hawk Franchise. Spider man game? Suck. Spider man game 2? Suck. :O! Guitar Hero? which one? Call of Duty 1? same thing as call of duty 4, why don't you just recycle the engine. At least Valve's source engine makes amazing games like Zeno Clash come to life, where as shat games like 007: We Made Another Sucky 007 Game - Not EA Edition... bah! Blizzard... why? If it weren't for Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3... and world of paycheque, who'd be paying activisions bills? Exactly...


 Go Gabe! Next thing you know, we'll hear HL2 music in Guitar Hero, as a slap to the face of Activision ordered by the courts.



This really only hurts the people that writes their paychecks: US.




Go Valve! Tear their stupid Horde throats out!



Two men enter.  One man leaves.



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