Valve Squashes Game Trade-In Rumor



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On a completely unrelated note, here the link to a story you guys a Maxpc might like to hear, its all about CAPTCHA!.



My friend and I were discussing this awhile back and he came upon the idea even if they divy up the money between steam, the publisher and developer and issue us a credit, it'd be a nice idea.  Like most people, I have games sitting on my self that I have either beaten or just gave up on and while the only way to recoup those are to sell them on ebay or something.  PC gamers don't have the option to rent games like console gamers can with Gamefly.  There are games that I just want to play and beat and then move on to the next one.  I wish Valve would somehow make a system of doing that.  Even Onlive is doing DayPasses.  Spend $15 or so for 3-5 days of play.  I don't know, make it beneficial to everyone, if that is even possible.



Considering very few games are more than just a disc (i miss the days of extras and manuals), there's really no reason for me to buy games anywhere but Steam, because I hate disc changing anyway. Honestly, the service Steam provides is better... I wish it did other useful things like backing up saved games. I honestly don't like most forms of digital distribution, but since the alternative is a disc with crappy DRM on, it's a bit of a no brainer.

I'd give up Steam for a real physical product again, but they've got to make them better (and without jacking up the price).

I've never cared about my right to sell games, because I've never done it before. It's a disadvantage, but the benefits outweigh it.



Despite what Valve wants, you are perfectly within your legal rights to trade or re-sell games that you've bought (including "licenses"). Valve currently gives you no way to exercise your legal rights, which means that I will support any third party which will let me re-sell my Valve games - even if Valve hates this idea, or considers it illegal. I love Steam sales, but I have to wonder if Valve isn't actually destroying PC Gaming more than any other single entity right now. Gamers are selling their rights away for the convenience of Digital Distribution. Seems really really shady.



There are no rights on the internet, even with digital distribution. Once you click 'Yes' on any EULA, you are agreeing to obey their laws, even if it states you have to wear a chicken suit on the street handing out pamphlets saying, "BIG NEWS! I clucked up big trying to make a fake interview with Valve!"



I'm sorry but you don't know what in the world you're talking about. You couldn't be more wrong. EULAs are not real law - and cannot circumvent existing real, actual law.



EULA -- the End User License Agreement -- is a "contract" you "sign" when you accept it, agreeing to hold to the terms of teh EULA to a T. It's a perfectly legal binding contract, like any other. So, yes, if the EULA does say that you have to go out on the street in a chicken costume, and you refuse to, then you've broken your contractual arrangement, and can be sued. No matter how ridiculous the terms, if you enter a legally binding agreement, then break the terms, you break the law. Because, after all, you were the one that agreed to the terms, no?

That's just how it is.

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