Valve Now Accepting Applications for Steam for Linux Limited Beta



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I really hope this takes off. I've always been interested in moving to Linux, but gaming on it is such a pain. With Windows 8 being the train wreck that is it, I may be switching to Linux when Microsoft drops support for Windows 7.



After Windows 8 i think ill move to Linux.



Neat. I will have to apply today. They might as well let the community port it over to other Linux platforms when the time comes while they simply worry about Ubuntu. Less strain on Valve that way.



i registered... looking forward to this.



"In order to be considered, all aspiring beta testers are required to answer a short survey, the aim of which is to ensure that only “experienced” Linux users get through."

You don't have to be experienced for that survey, they even told you how to find how many cores your cpu has.



yeah I was worried that it was going to be super hard. The "hardest" part was finding out which graphics family i'm using (using a laptop not desktop) lol.



This is all great but until programs are as easy to install on ubuntu,as they are on windows, it will not work' also driver support is very lacking' this is another drawback to ubuntu. I will jump on the linix wagon the instant these drawback are fixed.



Dude, this isn't 2002. Install applications and drivers in Linux is just as easy as it is in Windows. Easier in some aspects. You're using the Apple method of bullshitting.



then go back to consoles dbag. installing games on ubuntu now is easier than it was on XP 10 years ago.



I like how they ask what distro you run, but then assume that there are only Ubuntu drivers available for videocard options. I'm either eliminated right out, or they jacked up their own survey.



I'm not gonna get selected because I couldn't allow myself to answer Ubuntu for distro used; I picked Debian (I run my mail server on Debian, so technically, I'm not lying :P ). Gentoo, which is what I really use falls into Other, but then for sure I won't get picked...Ubuntu is a Debian run off, so maybe they'll consider it a valid answer :P (realistically, if it runs on Ubuntu, it should run on Debian, since you can install all the packages from Ubuntu repos on Deb)

For graphics drivers I picked binaries from Nvidia site, which are usually newer and better then what's in the distro repos anyway :) It's like with Windows; do you ever use the Nvidia or AMD drivers that come from Windows Update?



what both of you apparently have missed, they said they are starting with Ubuntu first... THEN they are rolling out to the other distros.

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