Valve: L4D Crash Course DLC Was Planned to Launch before E3



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Look. Valve says they're going to give you FREE updates to a game you paid for. This is free. Valve is being nice. And you complain like mad because it got delayed? You want your free stuff to be trumpted, advertised, and delivered exactly when you want it to be?

I'm happy with the mere fact I get free updates!


I Jedi

I think more people are more so mad at the fact that Valve announced a second game for L4D under a year later after the first one was released. A lot of people didn't appreciate the idea that their brand spanking new $60 dollar game was about to become obsolete to make way for a new installment. If this was a single-player campaign, then that would of been fine with the general public. Since this was multiplayer, people were upset about a new multiplayer title being announced not even a year later.


I Jedi

Rather or not Valve released this statement in the hopes of either misleading their fellow gamers into believing they were intending to do this, or not is beside the point and can be objectionable. Why didn't they say this before now, or why couldn't it been released before the night of? Only because they were busy with "other" things. These are all questions that can be directed at Valve.

 However, the facts are the facts. Valve did not get it out the door, but they have said and have promised to release new content for L4D1. I for one see no reason why Valve would not make good on that end, as they have already promised it and probably already intended to do so before the community backlash happened after E3. I don't think Gabe Newell is a moron. He knew there would be a backlash from the community on this subject, and despite their supposed intentions to get it out, they didn't.

Fear not, though, because the next addon installment to the worlds best zombie game is coming soon. Oh, and they've also made more good on their part to make the game more open for editing/modding. So, I consider the new Crash Course campaign and what they've already done for L4D1 after E3 as a plus on their end. 

I only wish that Valve was making the final installment of HL2:E3, as I'm dying here. 

You still have a loyal fan in your books, Valve.



Nah, it's not over. People love to bitch and complain. LOVE it.



Why Obcourse people love to complain, people strive for fairness if not all would be treated like poop. This is Valve, and if they do something wrong we expect they deliver. Though it would seem like asking too much, it makes sense to be Expecting to be "pampered" with a company with very "high expectations". Hmm, didn't Valve mention constantly about being all "eyes and ears" with community support all the time? Besides, I think people would rather be labeled whiners than being suck-ups especially in today's economy we are in where most are short of cash (people who aren't against it IMHO are simply one or more of these: don't care about the game, teens/tweens having their parents buy the game for them, gamers who just buy a just a couple or two titles a year, filthy rich, gettin paid to side on Valve and write an article to sugarcoat them).

It's clear Valve pulled a fast one and why so? It's coz a few days after mid-June E3, the BC(boycott) group already has thousands of so-called followers, fast forward to early August with the late announcement of "Crash Course" DLC and even thousands more BC members. Hmm why so late? I bet its coz the DLC wasn't really planned "pre-L4D2 release" in the 1st place despite Valve seeing the community backlash growing on them so hence the late announcement and hence the release of a "pre-L4D2" L4D1 DLC to hopefully calm the BC group down.

I'm glad I'd join the BC group and nag Valve to finally release a "real" DLC as they've promised (post rip-off survival mode, lame "unlocked" but not really new 2 VS campaigns) . Should we care being labeled idiots when you guys say "they we're going to release it anyways!"? Hmm maybe we don't care, we got what we wanted and besides like the saying goes: "Promises are meant to be ummmm fulfilled" lol. And when asked if we are pushing Valve too much for rushing a DLC, we'd say (and I speak for myself but I bet my thoughts would be similar to most BC members) do what you promised, give us our money's worth before buying your darn sequel for another full blown $50+ on such short notice!. I like most would shut my mouth shut if L4D2 was a DLC for $35 max

One thing I dont like about the group are those who simply joined for the heck of it, teens/tweens posting every hour/day to get their 15 min of fame, those racist fcks who simply hate the sequel simply coz of its 2 black characters and those who would like the sequel for free (it's wishful thinkin but that's a bit too much there).

he's pwning with a trackpad? oh really? oh reheheheeally?



Oh please... Anyone with half a brain (BRRRAAAIIIINNNNSSSSS.....) can see that Valve is trying to play spin control with that statement.  If they were working on new L4D DLC and it was nearly ready then they should have said something at E3.  In fact, it should have been the lead of their L4D press releases at E3 - something along the lines of, "We've got new DLC coming for L4D!  It's not ready yet, but it will be soon.  Oh and we've also got the sequel in the pipes as well!  Here's some generic info on the the DLC, and here's all the cool stuff we're packing in to the sequel!"  Instead, they just went 'damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead' with the L4D2 announcement.  We all saw what ensued from there: butthurt fans and gaming/enthusiast mags trying to play spin control on behalf of Valve.  It may not necessarily be 'too little, too late', but it's going to take a while for the fans to get rid of the bad feelings left behind by the way this whole scenario was handled.

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