Valve Kicks Off Annual Thanksgiving Steam Sale, Also Grants Wishes



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Ha! Ha! Ha! "That time"! Love it! Made my day.

Thank you!



Mister Friendly

Worst first paragraph ever. Will someone, for the love of god, please punch the puberty out of Nathan Grayson?



Ok, I have to wonder something: All indications (your previous article comments, etc) seem to point to you hating this site, its writers, and its commenters. If that's the case, why do you keep coming here?

It's an honest question. I'm curious.



Agreed, hes nothing but a douchebag troll. I don't think I have seen a single one of his posts say anything positive. Frankly I'm surprised he managed to pull his head out of steve jobs ass long enough to stop commenting on apple articles and read this news clip. Thanks for pointing this moron out. I enjoy watching pathetic trolls make a scene because they need attention. Any attention is good attention right?


Fecal Face

I've been curious about Alpha Protocol, but now that it's 7.50 I think I'll grab it :D

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