Valve: Hackers Probably Swiped Sensitive User Data In November Steam Breach



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This is exactly one reason why I hate the idea of credit cards (granted any other financial information can just easily hacked). Without it you generally can't raise "credit scores" unless you pay loans of some sort.

Also, if the organization that has this information is hacked, this is a potential hazard for yourself.

At least if there is one good thing, they aren't downplaying the issue as Sony did when PSN was hacked.



Huh. Good thing I don't waste my time or money on Steam.



Ok, ok. I will get off your lawn now.



Whether it be Steam or anywhere else, consumers do have to take their precautions and be vigilant. Personally, I never store credit card information on the web.
Bravo for Steam for giving a heads-up, though.
On another note, it would be nice for the hackers to be caught and give them a taste of their own medicine. It's all fun and games when they're doing it to others. Turn the tables around, not so much fun anymore.



Then it's a good thing I use Paypal for every purchase on Steam...



Not really. I do wish they would have released more information on how the addresses and passwords were encrypted, though. Depending on how they did it a brute-force key attack might be worth the thief's effort. And then I would worry.



It's Valve, they're not Sony. They encrypted all of the billing details whereas Sony had a large proportial stored in plain text.
As for bruteforcing, I'm sure the hacker's descendants will enjoy finally breaking the encrypted containers from 400+ years ago.

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