Valve Gives Steam Users The Gift Of Remote Game Downloads



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too bad i still can't play remotely unless i just remote in. i like being able to just remote to my PC and download games. then i could check all my emails and other stuff, since the pcs at my work are too old for the new google UI



Been looking forward for this to happen since the mobile ap was released.



Having just read it here and quickly checked the Steam forums , I have one niggling question.

Can you also remote start the download for pre-ordered games that just become active or just 'brand new' purchases from the catalogue?



Some really fancy stuff, for sure. But I would much prefer that they put that effort into supporting their customers. My experience with Steam is that when I had a problems and requested support, all I got was a link to FAQ's (which I had read already and tried). Could never get an answer, they just kept linking me to support pages that didn't provide the answer. Finally just gave up and decided not to buy any more of their products.



I have had a lot of issues over the years with Steam games and have found that I have always been able to solve the problems myself with some Googling and some looking at the forums. The convenience I have gotten out of being able to download and always have access to my games has outweighed the inconvenience of the do-it-yourself approach to problem-solving I've faced. I have had a 100% success rate with fixing issues. My advice to you (should you return to Steam) would be to use Google, it will get you the correct answer more quickly.



OK - this is cool. There have been a number of times that I've purchased a Steam game at work and then had to wait to get home to do the download/install, wishing I could have done it remotely.

I give this an A+.



I feel like a horribly lazy person. My first reaction to this wasn't about how I could do it from my phone, but how I can do it from this computer to my gaming computer without having to switch inputs on the monitor nor reach a foot for the other mouse.

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