Valve Announces Sequel to Warcraft 3 Mod Defense of the Ancients



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Does anyone think that hon is just gonna fall by the wayside, or are people going to favor one over the other. Im all for another edition of dota, im just curious which way most people who play are going to lean.



This news is like a year old..



Considering that Valve never actually announced what the game was going to be or provided any details about new features -- not to mention the fact that the Game Informer article hit the stands yesterday -- I'm gonna go ahead and say it's not old, actually.

Before now, we knew that Valve had hired IceFrog. Beyond that, we had a trademark that Valve filed for DoTA, which told us... the title. Now we actually know what they're adding to the game, and why it's even worthy of being called DoTA 2 in the first place. Kind of important info to have, no?

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