Valve Announces $1 Million DOTA 2 Tournament



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Let me get this straight... DOTA 2 is in development by Valve and set to release later this year, yet the 16 top DOTA 2 teams are going to have a tournement for $1,000,000.00 before it even has a release date.   So I'm guessing this is a highly publisized and exagurated tournement is for game development testers?

Still confused, but I'm guessing people are playing DOTA 2 since there is going to be a tournement. On youtube I see a lot of videos posted as DOTA 2 all develeoped in the WarCraft III map editor.  More confused, Valve is makeing a game in the WarCraft III map editor?  My educated guess is that Valve is makeing the game with the source engine, but none of this makes sense.



That's a lot of money...



It still bothers me that Valve is calling it DOTA 2. Yes they did hire IceFrog, but the orginal game and name came from Eul and Guinsoo (who is now with Riot Games on LoL) was the one who actually made it so popular and sucessful with DOTA: Allstars (which was renamed to just DOTA) before he handed it over to IceFrog. Because of the massive amount of community effort put into it plus that fact that there are 3 people that have solid claim to the name I just don't feel comfortable with them using that name. It doesn't inspire the same feelings it did when I was playing it orginally with guys like Guinsoo but rather makes me resentful of it.

If it had everyone else's blessing, I'd be fine with that, but apparently I'm not the only person who was from the DOTA community that feels that way.

It just doesn't sit well with me.

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