Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell Gives Away His Steam Password



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Led Weappelin

He has an account? Are you kidding? Come on. This is just an account to show off Steam Guard. I mean I guess he may play some games but I kind of doubt it.



Want a truly secure password combo? Do what Blizzard does and use an authenticator. My neigbor used my own machine to delete all my WoW characters back in the day. I got them back (but without some nice gear). I banned the neighbor from ever coming over again and got an authenticator and changed my password.

 Authenticators rule!



Want some cool steam games for free? *tries to login* > Nope just me, Gabe Newell.


It makes more sense that its a demo account to see if it can be hacked.

Gabe's no fool.

However the "hacker" or just someone whose curious to try it, 

MIGHT now be opening there own system to Valve. They will be able to IP-track/ID

anybody who tries to break in.  Granted,  hackers will proxy there way around

the 'verse to hide where they are, but Joe Schmoe won't and

BOOM suddenly he's tagged and bagged and marked as a hacker.

Personally i wouldnt even try it.



I have to agree with some of the posts that this is probably just an account to test the feature. I highly doubt that Mr. Newell would be dumb enough to use his real account. I also have to agree that having a strong password is more than enough to deter most people. Those that absolutely have to get in, usually will, and it is only a matter of time before someone really intelligent figures it out.



More than likely, this account is standing on a lone server all by its self, disconnected from the rest of the network. Thus, anyone able to break it will find themselves enjoying the view of an empty room and a table, with a sign in roster waiting for them. This is to test the new protocals...not expose Valves's network to harm. At least thats how I see it.



What if my machine's "unique" hardware configuration is identical to Gabe Newell's rig? Not probable, but with the amount of people who now have access to his information, it becomes increaingly likely that someone will have close enough specs to slide by. 


What if I change my video card? Does that upset things? Does it save a copy of my mobo's serial number? 


Whatever the case, they arent selling me on the feature. I'll just keep using a secure and nonsensical password to throw people off. 


Mighty BOB!

They probably also read data from the devices such as the MAC address, not just the hardware itself, otherwise you're right that a lot of people would have identical fingerprints.



It's like lifelock, but for your games!



My guess is the account isn't actually his personal account. This is probably a test to see just how robust the security is in real life because no doubt hackers are going to try to crack it.



That is not the password. The password is MoolyFTW.



Have they tried "password" and "letmein" yet? I think he has a dog named "jeff" You see, it's the lower case 'j' that throws you off.



...and what if the dog's name is ACTUALLY spelled Geoff? There's a head scratcher huh? :)



I don't agree 100% with this decision... at least until they find a new way to authentify users.   A lot of steam users (like myself) have their games installed on more than 1 machine.   Let's hope you can register more than one....





I'm pretty sure you can register more than one computer.  Also, authentify.  LOL.  That sounds like something George Bush would say.



Yes, but George Bush native tongue is english.   That's the difference :)



"Dub-yuah" doesn't speak English. He speaks redneck...


Badly Browned


"Is there a limit to the number of machines that can be authorized at once?

No, there's no limit. Steam Guard is aimed to protect the value that is yours, not limit your access to your stuff. As always, you can access your Steam account and library from as many machines as you'd like."

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