Ustream Taps Out, Gives Pirate IP Addresses to UFC



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Your making generalizations. Proven facts are what is needed and something tells me that they can pull up stats from PPV's that were not illegally streamed and revenue vs ones that were. Just because some people can't afford to buy it, does not mean all of them could not afford to. And just because people regularly bought it in the past, does not mean they would hear about this and go 'well I am going to buy it and be a good person rather than click a link and save 50 bucks' I will say it one more time, if you can not afford something, it does not make it right to refuse to pay for it and take it anyway no matter how easy it is. However the easier it is and the less risk involved (in this case none to the viewer, all to the streamer and the web provider) the more people will do it regardless of the cost of the product. They could have charged a buck per view and because it was streamed and you could click a link in a second rather than punch in a channel, call a cable provider, give a credit card (whatever the process is, it's longer than the click) people would still do it because basically all consumers want things to be simple.





99% of the people that watch these streams would not pay $50 to watch the fights. I would venture to guess that most of them couldn't afford to pay for the fights if they wanted too. The UFC has a fairly young fan base. They are going to alienate a huge segment of their fan base and they will fail to stop the streaming. 



UFC can look at this and begin looking into managing their own streaming service - of course, their PPV contract might get in the way of that with exclusivity agreements and all that.

I don't agree with pirating so much as I hate the want to keep progress held back because the revenue is lessened upfront, even if the viewership and popularity is raised exponentially (raising possible merchandise sales).


Mobius II

Their content is being distributed illegally so they have a right to chase down the offenders if they choose.  IMHO, they, like many content providers, would be better served by looking at streaming or torrents as a marketing tool for their product.  They don't get revenue from these viewers but they are also exposing their product to a lot of people who would never in a million years actually pay the exhorbitant PPV pricing.  I'm sure a percentage of these viewers may grab a UFC DVD or buy a UFC console game directly as a result of the interest this free viewing generated.  I think Zuffa LLC is wasting their time and money.



Yes they should go after the streamers of the content,they are the breaking the law and costing the ufc possible income,though I also doubt the amount stated above.

Content providers should be allowed to control their product however they wish as long as it's within the copyright law. If you don't like what the content providers are doing then stop usuing their product,there is plenty of free content out there on the internet you can watch/listen to.







How do you "peruse" a matter agressively?


Ryan Whitwam

You trust spell check a little too much. That's how.

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