uSocial Now Offering Bogus Facebook Friends by the Thousands



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Well, that has got to be one of the saddest things I have ever seen.  I, however,  do wonder how much uSocial would pay me for accepting Friend requests from a bunch of losers.  Perhaps I could quit my job and just be a full-time virutal Friend?  If anyone on Max PCs site wants to buy my Friendship (not my love, sorry) the price has now dropped to a rock-bottom 50K.  Any takers?



What purpose does this serve.  Your speaking to someone that does not have a Facebook, twitter, MySpace, or any other type of social network profile.  Why?  I work at a company that bosses do search the web for crap to pen on employees and they can't catch what they can't see.  

Again, why would someone pay to get friends, what do they get out of it?  I understand gold farming as stated in a previous comment.  I think its stupid but I understand.  A response would be appreciated and one that does not make me feel like an idiot would be even better, but as long as I get the point I really don't care. 




same thing with games, why do people pay tons of real money so they can get fake money to use in a game?  Its stupid.



power leveling, gold farming..... It was only a matter of When, not If.



 i can already see the hashing this will cause


"dude your so lame you can't even BUY friends on MyFace!"

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