Users Report Trouble with Latest iTunes Update



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I was unaware apple made an ipod of such size. multiple SD cards up to 32GB each mind you can replace that garbage you call apple product.



Any respectable PC enthusiast wouldn't be caught dead using apple software, if your next move is to say "Well I have an ipod." then i would say to you sir WHY? do you not hold in your hand an Android or Win Mo Pho 7 device? they have built in mp3 players! You might as well be carrying around a cassette deck! And if you are one of the millions of other retards with an iphone then you don't belong anywhere near this sight or a PC! that includes Maxpc staff! And you call your selves geeks! Your giving the rest of us a bad name (hipsters).



Give me a 60gb+ phone and I will use it as an mp3 player, but simply phones don't have enough storage for my music needs. Phones (minus the iphone....maybe) aren't good mp3 player replacements. Now what I want is a 128GB iphone on verizon...that's when I'll use a phone as an mp3 player.



Atleast every other non-apple device offers an external storage expansion slot.



"I'd rather go down the river with seven studs than with a hundred shitheads."
   -Charles Beckwith



iTunes is pretty awful.  At least it was when I ditched it for MediaMonkey.  MediaMonkey is highly multi-threaded and actually lets you play music while doing things in the background.  As I remember it, iTunes liked to lock you out of the UI while doing anything.  I hate that app with a passion.  MediaMonkey is a great alternative -- and free though I liked it so much I went and bought the pro version.

Winamp is another decent alternative, but I'm not a fan of their update process.  It's still better than the iTunes update that makes you install QuickTime and whatever other junk.

So, ya, ditch iTunes.  MediaMonkey is better and you don't have to support Apple which is always a noble cause.



stradric is right, i have been using mediamonkey for a couple years now and the program keeps getting even better. you can extract only the files you need from an itunes install file to make mediamonkey sync with them, although i believe the latest update lets it sync with ipods anyways. although needing more storage is no excuse to have an ipod. if you need more storage, get an archos, i got the archos 5 almost a year and a half ago for about $200 and you can get it for even cheaper now. it holds 250 gb and it allows you to play pretty much any file format for both music and video (not just the formats apple likes) and it supports flash. the newer versions hold up to 500 gb and run the android OS.

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