USB Concept Solves the Port Plug Problem



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I have only ever had this problem with the front USB ports of those Dells with the downward-facing ports (and as a side note, Dell specifically has this obsession with backward USB ports).

Then again, I've always had a knack for blindly plugging things in.



Cooler Master USBs' are typically upside down. At least every HAF case I have come in contact with are this way. I don't know whom at the factory thought this through but it's not that hard to get the right PCB, orient the USB to the proper alignment and affix to the board. In fact I swapped out the blindingly brite LEDs from my 932 to low intensity Red LEDs'. Took me 10 minutes worth of work to do it. 

Now I'm assuming that the USB has Power and Data routes that have to be strictly followed. But they're still wires and they still have to be formed to reach the board. How hard can it be to fold the OTHER direction and affix the USBs in their housing to be right side up. Sometimes manufacturers have to make things more difficult than they need to be.


Zachary K.

good idea! would be helpful when your trying to plug something in out of eyesight. would mean much less fumbling around for me.



guess Gordon got his wish in a way, now he doesn't have to pull his tower out to plug in his usb



That’s a good idea, though it won’t solve the problem of people trying to plug their USB keys in an eSATA port, a Display Port or on the HDMI out of a video card, as I’ve seen my father trying to do lol !

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