USB 3.0 Blazing Speeds Only Theoretical, For Now



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Unfortunately until the read and write of drives increase's we won't ever see the full potential of USB. Right now SSD's have a read time of only 77 mbs. and a write time that is lower. It won't matter if the cable can transfer more than that. It depends on how quick it can receive the data to transfer.


We have yet to reach the full potentail of IDE or SATA.



What's not to get excited about, isn't 1320 Mb/s (Megabit/s) about the same as  165MB/s (Megabyte/s)???

Isn't this near the upper limits of current SATA Drives? Not the interface, I'm talking about the actual data output of current SATA drives.

I think that's pretty exciting, since benchmarks on my current external HDs show about a 25MB/s read speed over USB2.

Hmm, 25MB/s or 165MB/s. Which would you be excited about?

SSDs are getting better every day, who wants to place bets on which company will offer an external USB3 version first?


I Jedi

I am definitely looking forward to the new USB 3.0. Faster read and write times will sure be a nice thing to have. :}

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