USB 3.0 – There’s not a Mac for That



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So Steve Jobs won't get behind it because Intel isn't behind it.  Ok, I see that; from his POV if the figurehead of a major corporation isn't behind a thing then the whole industry must be wrong in wanting it.  Of course if some controlling figurehead is behind something like FireWire then it must be crammed into everything and touted as the next great thing.  Yes, Light Peak will be better and he may plan to roll that out but it is deliberately obtuse to ignore the immediate enhancement of USB 3.0 for that which still lies on the horizon.  I would understand if Apple had to watch its cashflow but of course that is not an issue here.  Apple could adopt it, sell peripherals for it and then move on as they and the PC world always do.

Perhaps there is an Intel/Apple thing going on behind closed doors?



Remember when Apple was the driving force behind adoption of USB 1.0?  What happened to that innovative company?



"So there you have it. The next time you come across a Mac user, whip out your USB 3.0 flash drive and quote Daniel Tosh."


Laugh it up while you can.  By the time USB 3 start to actually being used to it's potential Mac users will be laughing away with Lightpeak.



Like Intel is going to develop revolutionary tech just to relegate it to less than 10% of the market. Besides, why would Apple jump out in front on Lightpeak when they won't even use current processors? How long until they quit using Core 2 Duo?



IF and IF lightpeak comes to fruition, it is largely being developed by Intel IIRC, and I don't think Intel would lock themselves out on the PC side.



Especially when they're demoing it on PCs.

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