U.S. Threat of Extradition Has Some Web Admins Running Scared



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If the idiots behind Anonymous and LulzSec wanted to be something more than assholes in the eyes of the world, they would concentrate ALL their energies against Sony, Time Warner, BMG, Geffen, Fox, Columbia, the RIAA, ICE, the Department of Homeland Security, and their ilk.

Really, if you're going to attack something, attack something that really deserves it.



The government enforcing copyright laws to the benefit solely to corporations wouldn't anger me so much if they were half as effective at providing basic human services like health care to the people.  More and more the US government is becoming a government by the corporations, for the corporations while We the People can't even afford basic health care.



The big problem is what's considered a copyright violation.

I don't think the US government is going to go after me for using a Batman avatar, it's just not important enough... but I don't think what they're doing now is very important either.

Fair use is great, but it's not enough, and it's not something these media cartels seem to even believe in. Which sucks since they seem to own the courts.

The rules aren't clear and they don't make sense in the modern world.

The rules need fixing before they're enforced.

Really, customs going after guys who are linking to TV shows and movies? Give me a break.



Funny how the U.S. government has unlimited money and resources when it comes to killing Muslims and chasing after copyright infringers, but nothing is done about Mexican drug cartels.

Whenever there is no outside agency willing to pay off Senators and Representatives in Congress (like defense contractors, the RIAA, Warner, Sony, and other media giants), the U.S. Government simply looks the other way in the face of all manner of crimes against humanity.

Since there is no one able to bribe Congress into sending troops and law enforcement after the MUCH LARGER threat of Mexican drug cartels, the flow of narcotics into America isn't a priority.

In America, "justice" is whatever you can pay for.

That's why I hope the whole fucking country burns.

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