U.S. Reclaims Pole Position in Latest TOP500 List of Super Computers



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Just a heads-up: Their site shows June 2010 with the US at the top... Oak Ridge Lab, Jaguar. Your Nov 2009 date is incorrect.



I wonder how quickly one of these beasts could crack 256bit encryption algorithms just using brute force methods alone. No one really knows what kind of supercomputer an agency like the NSA employs since it isn't exactly publicized.



Anyone know how they are cooling all those processors? LN2 I guess...



Actually most likely not. If you look at the floor you will notice large vents and that is because the floor is removable. Most of these systems take a top to bottom vacuum approach. There is most likely a refrigeration system which is pushing cool air from the roof through the rack system exhausting through the floor or in the other direction. Each rack has its own closed system, think each cylinder in an engine where exhaust all meet up when exiting exhaust manifold or think of your own desktop. You have an inlet fan in the front of the chassis and an exhaust in back. Now imagine that design on a large scale just with the air flowing either from bottom to top or top to bottom. Because the refrigeration system would generate heat it is most likely located in an external location like on the roof. Now I could be wrong in this case but I don't see why it wouldn't be designed in this fashion.



Most of these machines are air cooled by a massive system run through the floor. These machines are so expensive to run it would almost be impossible to do otherwise. Also, the number of cores is misleading here as most new super computers are hybrid systems running nodes with several cores and 2-3 tesla gpu,s on each node. In the case of Jaguar (or Titan which is the actual xk6 name at ORNL) will have several nodes with Fermi gpu's and within the year will have several more with kepler gpu's.



Fermi GPUs? So it can run Crysis you're saying.



If you got a monitor hooked up maybe ;) But to clarify it has been upgraded with tesla 2090's built under the fermi architecture and will eventually have tesla K20's built under kepler.

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