US Lagging In Global Average Connection Speeds



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With no competition it's not a surprise. I checked and it's actually showing the US 29th for average download speed worldwide. I think most areas in the US have maybe two broadband ISP's to "choose" from. In my area AT&T is one of the two so I don't think that's really a choice at all. Instead of investing more into their networks to handle the ever increasing load, they just put up data caps and try to slow people's usage.

To make things worse, now the major ISP's are being the police for the media industry and doing ridiculous things like cutting off people's internet if they download protected content. I don't like seeing things like this happen when there's no place to go except dial-up or just cutting my internet period.



It must be more of a cost thing, most people just go for the cheapest.  In Fargo ND, I could get 15Mb, Tulsa OK I had a 20Mb, in Lawton OK I had a 15Mb.  However, once you get rural there's nothing out here. 20Mb is the fastest I've had available in the places I've lived.  Some places were as low as 5Mb, others your only option was satellite for a rediculous price and rediculous caps.



EPB offers 1GB/s speeds on a fiber optic network where I live. Of course, I don't have that, because It's over $300 a month.



Some of you guys aren't taking into account the size of our country compared to other countries. Yes, of course an island nation (Japan for instance) will be able to build an infrastructure of fiber optics. It's the same way a state could technically do it here. Doing it on a nation-wide scale would be a task on the level of building the rail-road all over again. Plus, why should someone from North Dakota pay for someone in New York to get the fastest internet because that's where the infrastructure is starting?

Keep the federal government out of it. Let states decide if they want fast internet for their taxpaying citizens with ballot initiatives. Also, if the government would allow REAL competition in the marketplace instead of being absorbed by GE and other large companies, something might get done.



How do u know New York internet was paid by the federal governement. And anyhow, I can gurantee that New York pays more federal taxes than North Dokata. Now I'm not saying federal government should push for faster internet speed by using federal money but they should be an intiative by the federal government to push for higher speeds by a certain date. It will motavate states to do it. Expecting corporation to do it will never happen. Because all they want is spend less but get more.



Actually New York takes more federal welfare than any other state in the nation by far....



Is there any other proof? Just wondering. Getting information on a entertainment magazine if kind of iffy. I'm not saying it isn't right. Just want more info on it. other sources would be help.



"The US falls into the 14th slot as far as pure Internet speed goes..."

Welcome to 5 years ago.






k, thats it, I'm moving to Japan



Not surprising.  When you prevent competitive growth by dividing the nation like you would with utilities, all the ISPs will only care about is how to compete at a local level.  For instance, the Verizon DSL in my area is garbage, but they demand a price that is comparative to the price I'm getting for Comcast cable on nearly 10x the speed.  Yet, travel half a mile to the next county over and I can get an even faster connection from Cox cable for the same price...or better yet, get FIOs.  Its garbage.



I think South Korea claims the worlds fastest internet connection ba FARThey are looking at connecting every home in the country to a 1 gigabit connection.  

Thats 200 times faster than us in the US.  Makes me sad...  



Imo, part of the problem is that the ISP here in the states only care about making money off of limited resources. Case and point: AT&T with it's caps. I've read articles where it would be cheaper to upgrade their current infrastructure as opposed to just capping users.

Seeing the article about England's ISP "beta test" thing with prices comparable to our own, makes me feel like moving over there because we get more bang for our buck over there.

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