U.S. Judge Rules in Favor of "Uncomfortable Speech" via Twitter, Dismisses Stalking Case



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She should just turn around and do the same to William.  She has the same rights.



GOOD. I have the right to freedom of speech, you have the right to disregard it or to responde to it with your own speech. You do not have the right to have me silenced because you don't like what I'm saying.

Now, that born in mind, remember that freedom of speech stops where it rises to inciting violence. so this is one of those which is genuiniely rubbing up against that uncomfortable line with the "insinuations of a violent death" so I am glad that it was tested in court. but i am also glad that it came down this way.



AMEN. I dont really care about the actual story, but the fact that Judges still rule based on the Constitution is refreshing. Freedom still exists!!!

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