U.S. Judge Orders Hundreds of Domains Seized, De-Listed from Search



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welcome to the new world country. soon to be know as United States of China or Republic of United China or some other variant. i cant wait until we get our own great firewall here. its nice to know that all the big corporations run this country now due to our governments ability to. they also have WAY more money than barrack osama and crew



We're pretty much already there. Only difference is that people in china know they are being oppressed and lied to. For some reason americans still think they live in a free country



ive told friends and others about SOPA. no one even cared or said much about it because it "doesnt affect me." once youtube and facebook are wiped off the internet due to big corps crying "infringing content." maybe then they will wonder why and how this all happened


h e x e n

SOPA can burn in hell. If it passes, it would be such full proof evidence that our elected representatives DO NOT have the best interest of the people at heart.

It's almost unanimously viewed as a negative by the public. I've already sent a letter and three emails.

In this case, the judge definitely overstepped his bounds. Piss poor investigation coupled with wild accusation seems to be enough to condemn these days.

What a shame.


Holly Golightly

You know... It is Chanel's fault that they priced themselves out of the market. I say what happened to Chanel is a good thing. There will be even more bootleg websites. Plus, there is a great selection of fake purses downtown. All at reasonable prices. Why else would I care about paying the fool price? Sometimes American courts have too much power over the world. This is one of those times.




In this instance I agree with you with the following conditions.

#1. The knockoff sights were not lying to consumers. IE. *BRAND NEW CHANEL STUFF* when it's a knockoff. Which in that case consumers should be bringing them to court, not Chanel themselves.

#2. Chanel doesn’t have certain patents that are being infringed upon. In which case they do have legal rights to seek damages.

Even in the event that the knockoff sites are totally lying, infringing, etc. There is still no legal ground to shut down their website, or censor the info from Google Yahoo Facebook etc.




Could this mean a reduction in the usual spam we always get here? You know, the usual "Very good web: we got <lots of crap you don't want>" thing with links to that please shop or whatever site...



you know, they COULD have put a warning that it says it's counterfeit, there are actually some pretty decent counterfeit items. Besides, let the consumer deal with the "you get what you paid for" crap.

Asides from that, what the hell. Pipa nor sopa has even passed, and it seems like they just went up and are ruining sites... and jobs.


Brad Chacos

Well, that's crap.



Wow, good for Chanel. But something about this stinks...



this is why ahh deepweb.......

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