U.S. Government to Remotely Uninstall Coreflood Trojan from Infected Machines



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Keith E. Whisman

Sounds like Skynet and Judgement day. Cyberdyne corp isn't involved in this are they? G-D all we need is killer robot that is a dead wringer for Schwartznegger so suddenly appear naked from the future to kill us all. 



Why not just repurpose the controllers to instruct the infected machines to clean themselves?



Yeah... Big Brother schtuff going on here. It's great that the DOJ took out the brain of the network (or at least a major chunk thereof)and stopped an evile botnet from engaging in further illegal activities...

But I am not about to let a government entity have any kind of access to my machine, for any reason, without a signed paper warrant. I don't care if they send me a nice letter asking politely to please let them do me a service, there's already been far too many issues of real intrusions by overzealous agents acting under Bush's incarnation of the Patriot act. (remember warrantless wiretaps? or the guy who went to federal prison on a kiddie porn rap for having anime on his PC?)

no thank you, I'll deal with it myself. I have a healthy distrust of our bought and paid for government, and if that makes me sound like a Conspiracy Theorist, send me my tin foil hat then.



The Evil Patriot Act was set to expire, then, it had even more intrusive language placed in it and was rammed through the Democratic House and Senate, then Signed by the Big O. No media coverage on that? Surprise! Who's the daddy now?



While I'm glad the FBI is taking down these kind of networks, cleaning up remote code doesn't really seem to be in-line with their mission objectives.

The FBI is great for investigating crime, but not at cleaning up after it.  That should be the responsibility of someone else more qualified in managing information systems, like a computer emergency response center, ISPs, end users, computer repair techs, etc.



Heh...be interesting to see how they approach the infected PC owners.  If I got an e-mail that said, "THIS IS THE FBI AND WE WANT ACCESS TO YOUR MACHINE TO REMOVE A VIRUS."  That would be an auto-delete e-mail.



You are assuming they are going to ask for permission. More likely they will mimic the home server of the botnet and send trojan code that it will execute and kill itself. Or at least that is how I would do it.



Straight out of the article:

"...the government will uninstall Coreflood from identified victims' PCs who provide written consent."

Can't provide written consent if you haven't been contacted.  ;)






For real...

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