US Government Doesn't See Anything Wrong with $1.92 Million File Sharing Verdict



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She was wrong and committed a crime. But she was sued in civil court, where the burden of proof is less than in criminal court. She was selected to be sued as an example, nothing really is wrong with that. She was sued for a ridiculous amount of money, something is wrong with that. If RIAA were to sue her for the costs of each album and lawyer’s fees, they would still be attacked, but not by me. Their amount was silly, and insulting, to themselves. Why would an industry sue their customers? Stupidity.



Jammie Thomas shared 24 songs. At maximum iTunes pricing ($1.20 I think), Jammie Thomas would owe $28.80 in lost sales. At a per album price of $20 (as an example), those 24 songs would be $480.00 in lost sales. Even less if some were from the same album. The RIAA wants $2,000,000. Anything sticking out?

Also: Wikipedia says that the RIAA usually wants $750 per song. In this case, they wanted about $80,000 per song.



The suit wasn't based on her downloading the files, it was based on her giving them away. So you need to multiply your $480 by every single person who downloaded them, that would give you your lost sales. Also, she had far more than 24 songs being shared, but due to various reasons the riaa decided to focus on 24 songs in particular. That being said, I don't think the original amount of 200k was out of line. It may have been on the high side, but not rediculous. While I think that 2 mil is out of hand, at the same time I think its pretty funny. She didn't like the results the first time so she thought she would reroll the dice and ended up with a fine 10 times larger. I hate DRM and the RIAA just as much as the next guy, but I'm sorry, if you get cought breaking the law, take your punishment. She probably could have settled for less than $20k. Oh well, aparently I am the only heartless bastard here, but stealing is stealing.



Really?  You "...hate DRM and the RIAA just as much as the next guy...?"  So you sheepishly accept the endless bought and paid for changes to IP laws and unending,  boundary-less copyrights their money bought and paid for?  You think they were here before the dawn of time and must be accepted like a sacred book?  You passively take at face value that a download = a lost sale?  You do??? Really???... You know what?  I'm gonna take a pass on believing you.

You probably think that taking a job with Comcast after regulating them favorably is legitimate, too...and enjoy grousing over Fox "News"  reports on how unions are ruining everything but still  love to blame government,never thinking that you have to separate cause and effect ACTIVELY...note the word "YOU" in there, mesiah.  (And your name is immodest and poorly spelled.)



Shame shame shame



dumbass, and it is demonstrated over and over and over again in public and private forums.  And we're the smartest in the world, supposedly.

This case is the industry lynching a poor woman to make an example of her.  It's an atrocity so out of line with justice and decency that it should never have gone through.  But this country has pay to play politics and Disney, among others, is so committed to holding its IP forever so they can milk it throughout all history that we all suffer the loss to creativity that absurd copyright laws cause.



Don't pay it - not that she can anyways.

 It really goes to show where priority lies in the American legal system.

 Team of corporate lawyers vs a dinky single mom of kids.

 Give 'em the middle finger Jammie, declare bankrupt and live with your relatives.



  "so severe and oppressive as to be wholly disproportional to the offense and obviously unreasonable,"


So.....Bankrupsy isnt considered wholly disproportional?

Coming soon to --Tokusatsu Heroes--
Five teenagers, one alien ghost, a robot, and the fate of the world.






The American legal system deserves a boot to the head. Well, at least with the $2,000,000 that Jammie Thomas can't pay, the staunch defenders of the record industry (like Lars "I downloaded my own album off the Internet" Ulrich) can afford their solid gold private space shuttles instead of solid silver.



Goverment bought and paid for brought to you by the RIAA/MPAA. 



Well, its about time to stop buying this type of media.

I don't mind that they find the guy guily or that they even fine him.  But that sum is totally outrageous.

Anyone remember the dumbass lady who got millions for dumping hot coffe in her lap?  Well this is the same thing in reverse.

I haven't bought a song on cd or download since this stuff started cropping up.  Must be 10 years now.  I find its not that hard.



The hot coffee that spilled on her lap was kept at a high enough temperature (higher than almost all other coffe sellers, at 190 °F ) that it gave her third degree burns within seconds, requiring massive reconstructive surgery.  They also settled out of court for less than $600,000, which is a large sum, but not "millions".





There are a couple facts about the case, that you didn't post...


*I'm not going to bother posting the whole article here and break the comments section, so I'll just post the link...*



Congratulations, America, you're a dumbass!


I Jedi

"Eh, fuck you, buddy!"



Your average American is not a dumbass. The DOJ, the Recording Industry/Motion Picture Assholes of America and their crack team of ninja lawyers are. Also, soulless.

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