US Government Developing Minority Report-Like Hostility Detector



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FAST could be used to detect your quickening heartrate in anticipation of your illicit ron-day-voo.



The problem in minority report was never with HOW they got their information, rather it was what they chose to do with it. They had psychic seers predict the future... that's fine, if you can do it somehow, go for it. The problem, however, begins when you act on future events before they happen. In the movie they arrested people for murders they WOULD commit, even to the point of ignoring the slim chance of both a 'minority report' and as the main character in the movie proved, FREE WILL.

Now, in this real world scenario, we're talking about observing people in a public place. Granted, it's some pretty intense observation, but it's still in public environs where you don't have much expectation of privacy. The question I want answered is this : What are they going to DO with the information they gather?

If they intend to say, hey this guy is suspicious, let's watch him and see if he's up to something... Then I don't have much problem with it. This is what patrol officers are supposed to do in critical areas. The technology here is merely an extension of their own senses, and not a huge problem.

The scenario that worries me, however, is if at some point they say "Hey, this guy is acting suspicious. Let's send a couple guards down there, drag him into a back office, and find out what he's up to."

When and if that happens, we will have entered the world of minority report.

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