U.S. Coastline Threatened by E-Waste Menace



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Yeah, this doesn't strike me as something that should be anywhere near the top on a list of environmental concerns. If you want to worry about ships and the environment, start with the tons of garbage thrown overboard every year.




Weather from the 80's or earlier, it wouldn't matter. Many
of the older ships use lead alloy bearings, or lead as ballast, add that to all
the copper (yes copper can be a hazard, it kills many types of algae , and other
microbes, also in some forms is considered a heavy metal (think lead, cadmium,
etc))   and oils onboard you still have issues.



OK, 10,000 wrecks but how many of those are since the 80s where they would have had computers on board?

 There's much more important things to worry about.  And the less Congress steps in with anything the better.



I am of the opinion that somehow if the government were responsible for cleaning up the shores that they would end up a bigger mess than they started out...

But it seems like no one wants to do it.

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