U.S. Cable Companies Team Up Like Avengers, Envision Wi-Fi Hotspots for All



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I would be wary of anything that gets big business to 'team up'. You have to know they aren't looking out for your best interests!





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Check that link folks. The listed companies are a bit different from the ones listed in the article. Maybe new names the companies are operating under?

"Bright House Networks, Optimum, Xfinity, Cox Communications and Time Warner Cable"

Optimum is my company. This concerns me for two reasons:

1. If I can get a connection from work, it will a huge tease to not actually work during the day.

2. If my (relatively) small high speed internet company is now joining up with the big boys, does this mean they'll start to model their business after the bigger companies, such as data caps?

Funny how the ISPs all scream about congested networks and the need to implement caps and charge for overages, then install additional ways to get onto their network and (!) open the network up to others as well. Maybe this can be used as cannon fodder in future complains to the (useless) FCC and in courts to get these data caps abolished.



The companies listed are correct and pulled straight from their joint press release. To clarify what's listed on the CableWiFi site:

Xfinity = Comcast
Optimum = Cablevision



This is the first time I've ever seen Bright House mentioned here. As one of their subscribers, it's nice to hear about this service.



I'm very wary of this but assuming there's no underhanded tracking or something then this is finally a sign we might be finally heading in the right direction. Free wifi everywhere should be the norm. They f--k us out of enough money anyway, we should at least be able to get internet access for free, especially considering how ubiquitous its indispensability is becoming these days.



Not free. You have to subscribe to their service before you can use them.

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