Upgraded GTX 260s Could Cause Overstock Problem for Nvidia



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At least Nvidia is consistent in its inconsistency for naming cards.  Every gen geforce sees a deviation in naming scheme from the generation before.  It makes it so difficult for people to know which card places where in the lineup when they're not right on top of the news.



nVidia seems to enjoy confusing consumers.  I guess using the name GTX265 or GTX270 never occured to them.



Totally agreed.  I thought the whole purpose of a trailing zero (or zeros) in the model number was to leave room for intermediate models.  Even Intel, infamous for sinfully confusing numbering schemes, seems to have caught on to this idea - on the mobile side the the T7250 was released sit between, go figure, the 7200 and 7300 models & on the desktop side there's countless intermediary numbers.  You have digits of freedom to play around in, nVidia.  You don't need a stupid "gold" monikor that will serve only to confuse people.



Of course I want one, if the price is right. Like... $100.

*Stops holding his breath*

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