Updated: 17 burning questions on Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset fiasco



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"(and sort of happy that i decided my oc'd i5-750 would do fine for now =p)"


Dude me too

same situation lol



I was about to purchase the ASUS Sabertooth P67 board today from Newegg and it vanished from my wish list.  Socket 1155 boards are being removed from their site stating that the items have been deactivated. Sucks that I have to wait  to build, but happy I didn't get a board with problems.



that sucks, but I guess that's what happens when you don't wait for Ivy Bridge and go midrange. sb is a huge step for mid range builds. A+ intel, but F- for the mistake.


Projekt X

Great, now I get to RMA my customers Asus P8P67 Pro. Thanks Intel, you just cost us both time & money. At least this time, Intel admitted the fault quickly, but wth? The only advantage is, I haven't recieved a few of the connectors, and haven't modded the mobo yet. This is gonna be a fight, because I am NOT paying a restocking fee on defective merchandise.



Why would you pay a restocking fee on a defective part? If it was fully functional and you returned it because you didn't like it, then I can see you paying one, but a part that doesn't work, you shouldn't pay anything. If whoever sold you the motherboard charges you one, file a formal complaint with corporate



LOL...that picture just made my day.



I just purchased the parts to build on the sandy bridge platform and now this... I wonder how Intel will deal with this.




It's like watching one of those crash shows that shows a guy plowing face first into a wall or taking one in the sack from his kid swinging a whiffle bat. 




SO the guy who bought the 6 series MoBo is standing there while Intel is swinging the bat? Seems pretty mean to be laughing at the guy who just shelled out for the Sandy Bridge system and had this blindside him.



Nope Intel is the guy that is taking it in the package from Sandy Bridge who is swingin away without a care in the world.

What sort of bloke do you take me for that I would laugh at an Intel fanboi? :)

Intel better get it done quick cause every day Sandy Bridge is not shipping is another day that Bulldozer is closer to launching and Thuban steals the market share.

I think that it's funny though that some people are like "Well if SATA goes down I'll replace the MoBo and all is well. Ummmm NO, you better think again. The longer you have issues(much of the time unknowingly) the longer it starts degrading your peripheral content. You know that shiny new SSD you just laid a cool 3 bills out for? Or that BluRay player you saved up for because it can burn media and play BluRay movies? Or the backup storage array that you put together to hold ALL your movie data, business and personal information?

"Too bad so sad, we're only replacing your Sandy Bridge and everything else you run is on you." So you get a $300 discount(will be less as time goes on) on replacing your hard earned system. Not bad if you have mommy and daddy footing the bill, or you're fairly well strapped with a nice gold card and the job to take care of things on a whim. But most of us don't have this luxury.

Nope I am having a solid belly laugh at Intel. Not the consumer. Intel rushed it out there when it wasn't ready and now they're going to lose money every day they don't ship. Talk about sticking your own thumb in your eye. Ouch.



So what about those of us WITH 6x chipsets? RMA them?

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