Update to Windows Update Improves Performance, Stirs Controversy



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 I let Microsoft take care of it for Me. I haven't had any issues when I was running XP or now with Vista updates. I'm sure they know what their software needs. Everything has been good sofar so I see no reason to change; although I do monitor what is going on.

The grass is always greener on the other side.




On my gaming/multimedia Vista Ultimate 32-bit desktop I let Redmond update everything for me as I also use that desktop to "test" whatever updates may come my way for any software I have including Windows. I have my wife's Vista Home Premium 32-bit laptop (it's primary use is for her schooling) to not auto update anything including Windows updates. After testing concurs that the updates 'should not' bork her system I then allow them through manually. If her computer dies I pay for it in many ways.


Fanboys are annoying. I like to get the most performance per dollar possible and that's all there is to it. Why pay $600 or more for something that'll be $300 or less in 6-9 months? Doesn't make sense. Just be patient.


Unrelated side note: I am so glad I don't own a PS3. They're updates suck soooo much. And you thought Microsoft was bad?



I have my WU set to notify when updates are available but I choose if and when to d/l them. I still haven't upgraded to XP SP 3 yet.

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