Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Now Available in the US



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I personally feel the phone screen size sweetspot is closer to 4" and not 5".  Seems like phone manufacturers are pairing ~5" screens with "premium" features while the smaller screens are looked at as budget class (in general).  Here's to hoping "premium" features make it to the smaller sized screens in the near future.




i was so close to buying this nexus when i learned that it has a much slower GPU than the galaxu SII... now i have to choose between a big screen/slow gpu vs NotAsBig screen with scratch resistance/fast gpu. I don't play phone games very often but given that the nexus has a bigger resolution it strange that samsung would take a step backwards on gpu.



Your proclamation of a  "serious bug that leads to abrupt loss of volume during calls" is greatly overstated. The issue only crops up under certain conditions with 2G signals and is hardly serious. I picked 1 up from Clove and have had the issue present itself and I'd only call it midly annoying at the most.



You paid over $750 on a stupid phone? You're an idiot. 



depends on usage, i am thinking of getting this for my wife. she doesn't use voice all that much but is a data monster. 

best plan for her would be this http://www.walmart.com/ip/Tmobile-30-Wireless-Airtime-Card/15443357#Item+Description at $30/month


$749 phone

$30x24 100min unlimted data first 5gb at hspa+

$1469 total over 2 years


compare to vzw

$200 phone

$39.99 450 min

$30x24 4gb data

$1880 over 2 years



Peanut Fox

It should also be noted that there is a vast difference between Verizon's and T-mobile's data speeds and their availibility.  

While Verizon's network is considerably more expensive.  In a general sense you do get better service for your extra dollar.

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