Ultrabooks, Not Tablets, Prop Up the NAND Flash Memory Industry



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Weren't there articles on MPC a while back about ultrabooks using hybrid hard drives instead of pure SSDs? I distinctly remember at least one. Can hybrid hard drives in ultrabooks really account for more of the NAND flash market than tablets and other sales of SSDs?

I know I won't be buying one until the graphics lives up to the "ultra" part of the name, and they can't do that until they're 3rd party components from AMD/Nvidia. "Intel HD Integrated Graphics" are such a joke (and rather ironic as they choke at HD resolutions) that I'm almost convinced that Intel coined the name just to troll the enthusiast community. ;)



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Wow, it's getting kind of deep in here. I expect spin, but this is wading through crap.

In 2011, PCs (all PCs, not just Ultrabooks) and tablets had nearly the same share of the NAND market: 1.7 billion gigabytes vs. 1.6 billion gigabytes, respectivly. Unless IHS has a crystal ball, the rest is speculation.

Given that it wasn't mentioned, I suspect this report was prepared *before* Intel got scared and went cold on Ultrabooks. You can now get an Ultrabook with a HDD instead of a SDD. Given the nearly immediate response with 5mm HDD production and Intel's continuing fear that AMD is going to market a competitor at half the price, Ultrabook's predicted share of the NAND market has significantly contracted and is continuing to shrink.

From the tablet side, no mention was given to Windows 8 tablets. Obviously, with the iPad taking 74% of the share for tablet NAND, Android devices couldn't get it done in the tablet arena. Does this mean IHS is bearish on Windows tablets as well? Windows on ARM is real. Will Windows tablets have a higher adoption rate than Android tablets or will the tablet market just roll over and turn into the iPad market?



Have to agree.Also the poor tablet sales in Q4 could easily be explained by the fact that everybody knew a new iPad was going to be released soon.



I suppose. Still haven't seen anyone with an "Ultrabook" though.

I like the idea of the Ultrabook. But I want something a little bigger and AMD powered.

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