Ultrabook Sales Prop Up a Struggling PC Notebook Market



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I agree with jj montez. Compared to previous generations of laptops, they have great specs. They're more than enough for most people, and sufficient for a good portion of gamers as well. You do pay a premium for the portable format, but that's nothing new for anyone who has followed laptop pricing the past decade or so.
With lowering costs for SSDs and more innovation in portable computing tech, we could see high spec laptops as prices reasonable enough to warrant a desktop replacement for the average consumer.
I probably won't be swayed until those specs are available in a tablet format though. I'm perfectly happy with my custom desktop, and don't need to be able to do high-def gaming (BF3, Skyrim, etc) on a portable platform.
The wait and see approach is a bit tired, but I plan to wait a year and see how the 'ultrabooks' shape up. Maybe by then, there will be enough competition to drive down the price of a Razer Blade.



I like the ultrabook moniker and most have great specs. They are portable yet powerful. I will eventually get one to supplement my Samsung series 7 for the wife.



I don't own an ultrabook, don't know if I'll be owning one anytime soon, but I like the innovation. Optical drives aren't needed as much as they used to, and SSDs are in a sweet price point now. I say keep it coming!



Following the blueprint of the Macbook Air is innovation?



I wouldn't call the MacBook Air "innovative" at all really. Being the first to do something that an industry as a whole would come to on its own =/ innovation. It's the nature of modern electronics to become more compact, lighter, etc., so it could be assumed that had Apple not dumped such massive resources into doing it, another would have in short order. Apple has a unique advantage in that it is a completely unified company at its core. This was how it was envisioned to be, and how it is. Of all the things Apple does, I'd only call maybe 1/3 of them actually innovative.
I'm not an Apple hater or fanboi, but I refuse to buy Apple due to them not having any products that are trully appealing to me for the pricepoint. I can get just as good, or better, for cheaper. The only area I'd go for them is for mp3 players since the Microsoft stopped the Zune, which I love much more than the iPod.



I totally agree with you, but I feel like some of Apple's products can't really be compared to because they do have an innovative approach to their features. For example, during a time when MP3 players were popping up left and right, Apple decided to do something that sounded counterintuitive - forcing people to connect their iPods to their computers in order to actually create playlists and organize their songs. In high school, I hated Apple for forcing me to use iTunes after I bought their product, but the alternative was the myriad of buttons and customization options on other MP3 players that detracted from the main point of an MP3 player in the first place - to listen to music. I've never actually used iOS so I can't comment on how "innovative" their operating system is, but a lot of Apple haters seem to hate Apple products without thinking it through. Take the rMBP for example - which other laptop is as light and portable, lasts 7 hours, has a dedicated GPU, 8gb of ram, has a supposed amazing screen, is more powerful than most other laptops (and some desktops), solely SSD, and doesn't have any heating issues? An upgraded Alienware? Sure the rMBP is ridiculously expensive, but you pay for a premium product that won't break down and unless you use it, you don't really have the right to bash on them. Now I agree with everyone that their pricing for upgrading RAM/SSD is ludicrous, but I would purchase a rMBP over another brand any day (if I had the money), despite never owning any Apple product other than an iPod before.



Technically Sony did it first but it wasn't very accessible to most people. The Vaio Z was light, small and powerful but also really really expensive because they went a little overboard with the idea. All apple did was make it more affordable. And like Valor said tech was naturally going to head this way anyhow.

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