Ultima IV Reimagined in Free-to-Play Reboot



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John Pombrio

Now if it was Ultima Underworld...
The biggest issue for me is going to be trying to get an old graphics game to look good on my 27 inch monitor. So far, Minecraft and Legend of Grimrock's graphics made me physically ill with bad headaches and nausea. Is was as bad as playing Descent many years ago on a computer that was not fast enough.



I must be pathetic. All these new games with crazy high end graphics and this is the game I am most excited about playing. U5 was my favorite but U4 is still very good. I hope the music matches up to the apple mocking board music that I can remember to this day.



Brad, ABSOLUTLY YESS!! Paul Thank you for posting this!!
There have been some great Ultima remakes but even they (U-5 and U-6) are now based on old technology.
I player almost all of the Ultima's back in the 80's. I have always hoped that the EA stranglehold on the franchise would go away and that we would get to replay the Ultima series again using modern technology.
This is exciting!



I loved this series, even though I barely played them. Can't wait for this.

(funny, watch...posts like this will be flooded by all the old school gamers. I wonder if there'll be one comment by anyone under 35.)



I'm also under 35 (though not by much). Being a console gamer until I was old enough to buy my own PC (1999), I missed out on most early PC gaming, but I am certainly excited about this.


Brad Chacos

I'm under 35 and I made the first comment! I remember sitting at our family 386 in the kitchen as a child, playing Ultima IV for hours on end, along with various MUDs. Geez, I may not be 35, but thinking about that and then looking at the games in the Steam Summer Sale makes me feel old. (We also had a dot matrix printer.)


Brad Chacos


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