U.K. Vendor Yanks Transformer Prime after Finding "Faults"; Asus Says They're Fine



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When I first got my Transformer Prime, I noticed that the settings pop-up menu tweaked by asus wasn't working properly. If you wanted to click on a button, you had to click above where the button was. I was shocked actually. The wifi was also a little weak.

I updated the firmware, and now everything is awesome!

Though the haptic feedback is really weak.



How much do you want to bet we find out apple paid them to do it, or owns the store? Sounds fruity to me....



Transformers more than meets the eye...



What an ingenious solution! If a feature fails to work, simply pull all description of that feature from the spec sheet. Reminds me of ancient Egypt pharaohs having all mention and likeness of those they came to hate obliterated from "every tablet and obelisk". Funny thing is, we still know about that person thousands of years into the future. Guess it didn't work for them either. :)

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