UK Student Gets 8 Months in Prison for Hacking Facebook



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Keith E. Whisman

He's a student and now he gets to learn all about prison sex. Haven't any of your seen Shawshank Redemption?



"What’s your take on this? Was Mangham a helpful hacker, or a cyber-thug out for himself?"

Do I think his actions were justified and should he be pardoned? That's not something that I could easily answer. There's too many shades of gray involved.

Do I think Facebook and the courts went overboard? Yes, yes and yes!



He'll get a job offer from Google or the C.I.A. when he gets out, so he'll be just fine!



He got a real purdy mouth.



Oh, I see, he was doing it for our good, to show us the flaws in Facebook's security...maybe if he said he was a part of Anonymous, doing all of us this favor, it would have been deemed "acceptable"?



The courts can suck it. That kid didn't do anything malicious.


Army Of One


So if you come home from work one day and see me sitting in your living room watching TV you shouldn't get angry at all. A simple "thank you" is all I expect because I pointed out the flaw in the locks in your house.



lol your an idiot



The difference is that somebody that broke into a home and then sat down to watch TV would essentially be "inside" the house still. They could still cause serious damage, when they could've just left a note on the inside of the door saying "Get a new lock."

This case is a very effective way of publicizing a note like that for all the people who rely on the security of the lock, and considering they didn't even find any evidence of malicious action, they have no real grounds for such a harsh sentence.

I agree with an earlier reply -- people are just scared sheep when they hear "hacker." If they weren't so stupid as to leave networks wide open and attempt to catch every wayward hacker, they might realize that when something like this pops up, they should just fix it as fast as possible and hire the hacker as a security consultant.



Well, there is a big difference between that and finding an exploit in facebook. Home invasion is a much more serious crime.

I think this guy should be punished, but I reckon most people who do similar harmless crimes don't get jail time.

There is a big problem with harsher sentences being handed out just because the crime happens to be done through a computer. Simply because most people don't understand the crime being committed. They just hear "hacker" and piss themselves.



That would be fine by me if you didn't steal anything or do any harm. Just like this kid. He didn't do anything after he broke in, so why are they prosecuting him?



Use the same line from The Social Network:
I think I deserve a thank you.

Excuse me?


Why do you think you deserve a thank you?

I pointed out gaping security flaws.



White hat hackers get jail-time, while black hat hackers are roaming free wreaking havoc and nobody does anything about it. Yes, this guy might have cause Facebook some money. Though if someone else had found the exploit or hole it could have easily cost them a more.

Give this man a bonus or a job, not jail time.



Maybe if he really wanted to help he could have called them up to let them know.
Maybe.... he didn't want to call them up an let them know because *now here's the big secret* he didn't want to help.



Because the world is a greedy place. Big cooperation all around the world want nothing else than profit, profit, and more profit. It's a shameful world we live in.



You do know that striving for profit against all the other big greedy corporations is what drives innovation right? If we all lived in a hippy commune there would be no pressure to innovate and this sad world we all live in, as you put it, would be much further behind.



LOL! You keep right on believing that my friend. Whatever you need to tell yourself to justify your own greed and get some sleep at night. Oh yeah, and Jesus loves you more than dirty hippies. The Bible says so and it is true, because it says so in the Bible.



I agree.


Adam Wolfe

No good deed goes unpunished.



I think when he gets out he's going to have plenty of job offers.

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