UK Firm Telling Companies to Stop Using the Term 'Netbook'



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I think NETBOOK will remove in future. For maintaining good quality we have to contain some requirement. Term of netbook is expanded.

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Keith E. Whisman

Well Psion does not have a case. They have no products that have that name and the use of this name cannot negatively affect Psion financially. Since this is a trademark for a product that no longers exsists then I see no reason why the name can't enter the public domain and used as a description of a product standard. In fact Psion is just trying to make money off this like anyone else would but that doesn't mean they are right.



These idiot UK law firms shoot out fake law suits like spam mail.  There should be laws against this as well. Its no different than the emoticon debacle. Even if these stupid things did go thru a court good luck enforcing it! No one is going to fall for that crap even if these so called CRs were upheald in some UK court. 




Its a spamsuit and should be looked upon with no more regard than the digital waste in your junk folder.



it seems like lawyers are just facerolling nowadays in hopes of getting a decent lawsuit going.  guess they cant sue mcdonalds anymore since all the cups say "caution:hot" on them now.



Wow, now all of a sudden they perk up when it becomes widely used by various companies. Why not say something BEFORE the word goes mainstream? Oh wait, that would mean less chances for lawsuits... and we can't have that now can we?

Utter bullshit. 




Get in line behind Rambus, Monster Cable, and Xerox (remember when they tried to trademark the word xerox when used to describe the act of photocopying).  Can you say "snowballs chance in hell?"


Keith E. Whisman

Like the Ditto machine back in the 70's brought about the term Ditto as in I agree fully with you. Ditto machine was an old copy machine from back when I was a kid. 



probably not

 Public jargon is a powerful force to resist but legaly they have to try

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