UFC Demands Disclosure of Streaming Pirates' IP Addresses



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Keith E. Whisman

Just look at that picture.. How freaking gay is that?  That is freaking gay. That man is raping the other man.. That is just sick. 

I can't believe MaximumPC would allow that filth on it's website. Just disgusting. They had to cover the faces to hide the sick grins and bulging eyes. 

I had no idea that Maximum PC was into displaying Gay porn. Just sick...








Just kidding... I had to make some kind of funny comment or I wouldn't be Keith E. Whisman



Lmao............yeah thats the first thing I thought.

Oh, and they'll never be able to stop pirating, the wars already over, these are just pointless battles.



PalTalk anyone?  There are channels that all they do is stream pay per view sport events of any kind, including WWE wrestling, live for anyone to watch. So now you get to watch pay per view free while talking smack in the room.... 

PalTalk does not control the stream, users do. You can install fake webcam drivers that fool any video conferencing program so you can show video instead of live webcam.



Wow! 36,000 people illegally downloaded it? I can see why the UFC is angry - maybe they coulda made an extra $10 from the one person who might have actually paid for it out of that bunch. On the other hand, maybe a few hundred  fuzzy-headed teenyboppers can be sucked into buying this crap someday if they honestly liked what they saw, you know, when they get a JOB.



HAH!, people actually care enough about this to pirate it?

I always thought wrestling/boxing was the sort of thing you turned on when you wanted a good laugh.


vikojhons (not verified)

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So bringing down ONE streamer is going to solve all of streaming contents woes against pirated information. Yeah, one person may be hammered but there are myriad of ways to watch the contents only hours after the event using torrents.

UFC, will this actually accomplish anything, or are you jst willing to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers and spend months in ligitation to punish some teenager somewhere? RIAA found it was a costly way to run a business, throwing money at lawyers with nothing to show for it.



They will pursue hard. Hope the guy was behind 7 proxies



it's a lost cause

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