Ubuntu Selects LibreOffice to Replace OpenOffice



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I like how Oracle is taking everything Sun is about--from the workstations to Java to the OpenOffice project--and plastering THEIR name all over it instead of keeping Sun's name. I also like how Oracle is being extremely uncooperative with the OpenOffice project. Oracle was just about databases, it should of stayed that way. /sarcasm

Sun Microsystems shouldn't have integrated into Oracle; it should be similar to the relationship between the old Daimler (Benz) and Chrysler merger, for example. Two totally different companies, had occasional collaboration between the two yet still remained separate.

Anyhow, I'm looking forward to the new LibreOffice. OpenOffice is quite sufficient, being that sans the fancy WordArt, animations and little gizmos here and there, it costs $300 less than Microsoft Office--nothing.



I absolutely adore how Oracle killed OpenOffice. They were doing the same to Java, but a lawsuit or 2 later, nothing's happened. They really should open up the Java compliance tests, but Oracle seems to be asserting that Java is all for itself, and no one else, except that's not the way open source works.

I wonder how much time VirtualBox has.



If Oracle does to Sun Whar Benz did to Chrysler, than Sun will cease to exist, as Benz "purchased" Chrysler for it's $7 billion dollar cash surplus, which they used to mdernoze Benz facilities. When the the coffers at Chrysler ran dry, then they dumped them. The same will happen to Sun, and is happening, as you see the support for open source products is being shut down.

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