Ubuntu Optimizes its OS for ARM CPUs



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I've been developing on the ARM platform for a while now, I would love to see desktops AND laptops in an ARM flavor.



 Redmond goes where the hardware is. 3 years ago they would have never though about low power netbooks, if ARM takes off i expect Win 7.5 or Win 8 to support ARM

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Depending on the price, I would buy a Ubuntu ARM-based netbook.  I've been considering a netbook for some time now.



Well there are versions of ubuntu that already run on ARM processors.

I know these OSes aren't what you would call a "Functional computer" but it has already been done and you can do multiple things on this OS.

Smartq 5/v5 7/v7 runs on an UBUNTU, WIN CE and ANDROID OS. while utilizing an arm6/arm11 600mhz/677mhz processor.

Whether the "new" ubuntu on ARM processors will be more functional is another question.



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Hell ye i have ran ubunta befor and it is a nice os 

i like it darn near as much as my mac os 

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