Ubuntu to Introduce New, Less Brown Default Theme



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Call me crazy, but I think I just fell in love with the darker theme!


Keith E. Whisman

Purple and Brown are two colors that I've noticed that African Americans prefer. I am of course in an inter racial marriage and can say this as an insider. So the color change is in keeping with the Africa Theme of Ubuntu. And I do love Ubuntu but it's not completely easy to use because it does alot to keep you from mucking around in the system as SU unless you use Ubuntu on a daily basis Ubuntu is a little difficult at first especially when all you want to do is install sound and video drivers and the SU command wont work until you change some other settings.. LOL.. 

I don't use Ubuntu alot just ever so often and therefore I'm not entirely familiar. So it shouldn't be that hard but it is unless Ubuntu has changed it since that last time I mucked around in Ubuntu about 8months ago.

The colors to me at least are very appealing as were the old brown colors. 



Well 10.04 has a lot of new changes, one being that it will read iPod's and iPhone's out of the box, no extra installs necessary, If my printer would work with Linux, I would deffinatly have my netbook running Ubuntu as it's sole operating system, (I dual boot with Windows 7, Ubuntu has better battery life)



Menu are too dark... 

I use snow leopard purple wallpaper and purple color as basic selection color it doesn't get any better than this, just combine the extreme together. 




I like it, I've been using the Studio edition's theme on my netbook because it's less brown, looking forward to this come April

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