Ubuntu and IBM Join Forces against Windows 7



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Anything with both IBM and Lotus in the name sends chills down my spine.



Too bad Lotus symphony is TERRIBLE. That doesn't bode well for IBM.



Back when Microsoft started, the idea of selling software separate from hardware was new and radical.

Linus and Stallman are both full time employees. Their income obviously doesn't come from royalties, and GNU can't run on donations alone. Guess where the money comes from.

You can have your recession. I'm not participating.



Linux has just barely cracked the desktop market and they (Canonical) think they can take on Windows 7, let alone Microsoft? They've got a rude awakening coming up, then. Just because Microsoft recognizes Ubuntu as a potential threat doesn't mean they have enough momentum to go off half-cocked. It's nice to see competition but come on. 



I agree ubuntu isn't ready to take on win7 (or xp, or vista...) on the desktop in any pervasive way(i think it works perfectly well for some people though)...but honestly, I'm not sure that's exactly what's going on here.
I think it's probably more of a PR move to advertize themselves as a windows alternative than to try to beat win7 where it does best.  They probably just want to get noticed and get people interested in what the alternatives are.  I don't think they believe they will be amazingly successful, as obviously windows does run more of the type of software that is needed in that market.  It would be an amazingly hard sell for most companies given the prevelence of all the good windows based software.  However, there are some businesses that probably could run ubuntu and it's supported software and do just fine, but I KNOW it's not the majority.  The problem is finding and appealing to those nitch businesses that COULD benefit from the lower costs of ubuntu.
I run ubuntu by default, but I'm not stupid enough to think that means it's good enough for everyone.
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