Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) Alpha 1 Now Available



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...it just seems to me that for a home user....MS  has gone GUI crazy  to the point of making it impossible to do something with any speed and the Linux distros are sorta the same but in the opposite direction....When is someone gonna pick the middle ground, is what I'm trying to say.


Take efficiency, and edit out all the intelligence and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)


Keith E. Whisman

BTW the latest Creative Linux Drivers for the Xfi Sound cards finally work and they are extremely easy to install. I mean super easy to install. 

Download the drivers to your home directory and then you have to unpack them. They are packed twice so you have to unpack them twice. I just downloaded the drivers in Vista and unpacked them twice and put them on my 2gig USB key and booted into Linux.

In the Linux Gui I KDE or Gnome I used the file manager to copy the folder or directory over from my USB key to my Home directory and then I went into the Terminal and Entered at the prompt CD and the first two letters of the Sound Card directory and pressed Tab and Linux completed the directory name for me and then I pressed enter.

Then I typed at the command prompt sudo make and pressed enter and I had to enter my root password and pressed enter again and a bunch of text appeared.

Then at the promp I typed sudo make install and pressed enter. I can't remember if I had to enter my password again but another line of text appeared and then I exited out of the terminal from Gnome in Ubuntu and restarted Ubuntu and I had wonderful sound with my Creative Xfi ExtremeGamer soundcard. I tried it in Mandriva and it works there too.

Now only if more drivers could be as easy to install as that or even easier without losing my gui. Because once I lost my gui to the Nvidia drivers that used to work fine befor my sli setup I was completely lost and gave up on linux and just wiped everything and installed WinXP. 



If you don't drop all that command line crap, you're going to be a third world OS forever.  I mean really, wtf does "sudo" mean to the average person?   A: Not a damn thing.  Is english your' second language?  Any OS should be able to play games run apps and install drivers, without having to first, crack the safe that is the Linux command line.

Here's a simple problem that should be easily fixable from the GUI on Linux (any version)

Re: gurb lost my boot file?

boot the live CD

Open a terminal

mount /dev/sdxy /mnt
Where /dev/sdxy = your ubuntu partition (/dev/sda1)

gksu nautilus /mnt
When you are done, unmount the first partiton and go to the next ...

sudo umount /mnt
sudo mount /dev/sd_the_next /mnt

Well thats clear and intuitive :/ 

The ONLY reason Linux doesnt rule the OS world is because of this crapola.  I especially love all the underscores.....yeah that occurs in English every day.  You have heard of the mouse, right, Ubuntu folks?

You DO know that you can use it to click on buttons in the GUI, right?  I can code in four (albiet old)languages and am completly familiar with DOS commands, yet when I look at what is required to fix a simple MBR (I purposely didn't say Grub) problem, I go right back to Windows, even though I really don't want to.  Honestly, what do you do, drop acid and then think up these names for things?  Why force the user to learn them?  YOU made them up, YOU understand them.....so write the damn commands and hide them behind a icon or button.  Do that and Microsoft will be begging YOU to ease up so they can make another trillion dollars.




People used to say the same thing about DOS back in the day. If you don't like it, don't use it.

The Linux shell is very VERY powerful. MS has NOTHING like it. In fact, most servers on the WWW are pretty much headless, meaning you access them via remote console to administrate the machine. I've physically logged into Linux servers with uptimes of 2 years. These servers were headless and lacked GUIs. They also were under tremendous load...they were perimeter firewalls.

Most enterprise systems have their own commandline shells. A few I can think of are MySQL (and MSSQL), ScreenOS, BSD...hell, Cisco has several.

GUIs usually mean overhead that most designers would rather do without. I used to laugh at people who'd couldn't maintain servers in server rooms without a graphical interface. I watched this one guy destroy a production machine that was running OpenBSD...he wiped it and installed Fedora onto it because he didn't want to learn commands...WTF. The thing had a GUI but I had deactivated it because it was bogging down the system. I could've set VNC up just for him but he was one of those anti-Linux guys...he was also a manager. When IT guys don't want to learn is when they should be fired.

If you can code, you can learn. You don't have to learn EVERY command...just pick a few that you know you'll need and learn them.

Linux does have a way of weeding out the weak-minded. No one is forcing users to learn it. If you have an interest you learn. If you don't, you get frustrated and you eventually fail because of attitude.



Once again i totally agree with u.

I installed and used Ubuntu for a while, and it is a very good OS except for this obscure commands!! why the hell they use them is beyond my understanding but in my opinion this is the weakest point of otherwise a good OS.

Hoping someone is listening.

MPC is my home page


Keith E. Whisman

In the Mandriva 2009 Power Pack DVD there is a rescue option that easily fixes the Windows Vista Bootloader if you want to uninstall Linux. I used it an it was the easiest thing in the would to do. Highlight the command from the admitedly basic gui and press enter and The distro did the rest and my Vista Bootloader was back to normal and in command. Even the Windows disk doesn't offer that kind of automation and ease of use. What we need is more of that. 

I'm a noob. I don't know how from the command line to edit a file because I'm so used to dos and not the linux commands. I also don't know how to compile anything let alone from the command line in Linux. So perhaps several standards need to be set with in the Linux world to make things easier. There should be more hand holding. It's not insulting. You can have your cake and eat it too. If you want to do things yourself fine that option is open but let there be a standard that updates all the files and automatically compiles what needs to be compiled. Is that so hard to do? I like linux. I like the idea behind linux. I just think that it can be so much more.

Can someone like me that doesn't know anything about programming have anything to offer to the Linux community other than telling the programmers what I need as a noob? Will that make Linux the OS it should be today? 



Hey if your so special and wanna complain about a free OS? then recode and release a version all by your little lonesome... otherwise quit talking smack and get into the effort and help them make an OS as big and bloated are M$ is right now...



 So you hate Windows, and you hate Ubuntu (and most likely every other Linux OS because of command line stuff)... Maybe you should finally get a Mac and leave us all alone. Or why not just stop using computers altogether? Seems no one can do anything that makes you happy.


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-



Whoa, easy there tiger. If you'd been using Linux since the mid-90s, you'd know how much progress toward GUI-izing the OS has been made. I don't think we're more than a couple of years away from a Linux distro that any slobbering idiot can install and use without the teensiest bit of actual Unix/Linux knowledge.

Pretty soon, we'll have a *nix that runs just as slow and sucks just as many resources as Windows... Joy!





I definitely agree with this.  Back then, there was no broadband to download OSs.  I remember using many floppies to install Slackware.  I also remember it being a LOT more difficult to install...definitely not a 30 min job.  There were no forums to ask for help...not like today...there was only mailing lists and such.



I think they called that Lindows...  :)


Linux has gotten far easier to use over the years, yet there will likely always be a need to work from a terminal.  Even M$ is moving back to command-line operations.  Windows Server 2k8 even has a power shell only install that requires everything be configured from the command line.  Why?  Because in a server environment, all a GUI does for you is slow things down.  Granted, learning all of the commands needed to do day to day tasks can suck, but with a little research, even my mother could learn to work from a terminal or command line interface.


Keith E. Whisman

I'm having trouble with the Nvidia Video drivers that I didn't have before. Running 2x 8800GTS 640mb Video cards in sli and using all of the drivers that are available within Ubuntu 8.10. After system restart all I get is the prompt. No GUI. Yeah I'm a noob but Windows has never left me in the cold like that. It's not a Ubuntu problem though as I experienced the same problem with the latest Fedora Core and Mandriva Linux distros. The proprietary Nvidia drivers need more than just enabling with in the Distros GUI. I think it needs alot more advanced work that alot of people don't have a clue on getting started.

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