Ubuntu 14.04 to Run on Smartphones, Tablets and TVs



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the interface is ok,and they already proved it could scale and do touch on netbooks and touch screens,

thing with this announcment and win 8 is - are we looking at the dumb down of the desktop applications - so that they can scale over to the limititations of the smartphone?

remember- you can only build to the lowest denominator if you are thinking of running it in all arena's - desktop, netbook, laptop, tablet and phone. - with phone and tablet being the lowest one the pole for ability, power, ram , storage etc  - well everything will need to be coded to meet the needs of these devices.

so will we see the return of desktop applications that were "almost" what we needed but not quite- so instead of one we need to buy 4 "APPs" from the app store?


Keith E. Whisman

I run Evernote on my Android 2.3.5 phone, Iphone 4S, Android Honeycomb Tablet, and my 64bit Windows 7 laptop and the notes that I take on each device gets duplicated to all my devices. I'm sure they are each coded a little different to work on each platform but it looks and works very well on each device. I use it for Security work, I have a lot of reports to write and Evernote is a godsend. If that is the futur then the future is bright because Evernote does not feel like crap on my Windows PC or my Iphone.



Can't wait until I can multi-boot all the OSes on my phone.



LOL! I don't think so! You have to wonder what Shuttleworth is smoking. I think Unity is hurting Ubuntu not helping.


Keith E. Whisman

nice pic of the adw ubuntu theme. 


Keith E. Whisman

well with official ubuntu devs working on ubuntu for other devices, it wont be long befor we start seeing a seemless install option for everything from tablets to cell phones. it will be as simple as hooking a device to a windows, mac, linux pc and running an installer that will burn ubuntu to your phone/tablet rom.



ooo goodie. I can't wait to compile multiple packages across various distribution servers so I can get the facebook app working....eventually.

I love linux, I really do... I just don't respect it yet.



Cool Picture there Pulkit!

I would love to see Ubuntu on smartphones. Something on the lines of Motorola which has developed two docks for the Atrix.

Or the Asus Pad Phone. Ubuntu can switch from phone to tablet PC.



But will it play Angry Birds? If not; it has no place on a cell phone or tablet.



Hell they can't even support many of the wireless devices out now, and all of a sudden it's going to "unify" complete devices? Also beyond that issue, what about media formats, last time I checked 99.9% of the distros could not play DVD without installing restricted software.  (ie legally questionable hacks).

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