Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" Released



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i'm really digging 12.04 so far. it just seems snappier than 11.10 did (probably due in no small part to the fact that Canonical went through the whole OS and finally cleaned out all of the old orphaned files and dependencies that haven't been used in ages.) the tweakability of Unity is very much appreciated, too, and i think they're moving in the right direction with it.

i did a clean install, and from start to finish (OS AND downloading/reinstalling all of my programs), it only took about two hours! i think that's a new record for me, and if it were a Windows install it would've taken me all afternoon! another bonus: the latest version of Ubuntu Tweak was released a day before 12.04 was, so we'd be able to use it right off the bat, which made setting everything to my liking super-smooth. (also, i always install with a LiveUSB drive instead of CD: it's a lot faster.)

i've grown to really like Unity, and while i can understand that there are people who don't want to leave GNOME 2, the only major difference is the way the "main menu" is handled. there are plenty of Linux users that use programs like CairoDock and AWN, and with Unity/GNOME 3, it's already baked into the interface. once you get into the folder system, it works basically the same as GNOME 2 did. and of course, if you don't like Unity, there's nothing stopping you from installing KDE, XFCE, LDXE or MATE. the underlying system in 12.04 definitely seems to be an improvement, and i think think it's well worth installing even if you're going to use a different desktop than Unity.

my only complaints are fairly minor: i'd really like to be able to natively move the dash to the bottom of the screen (i know there's a workaround to make it happen, but it was buggy and didn't work very well for me in 11.10.) i also can't stand the global menu and scrollbar overlays: the global menu is a hassle when you've got a bunch of non-maximised windows open, and i personally think the scrollbar overlays are just kinda ugly and pointless. but both of those only take about five seconds to disable via the terminal, so it's not a huge deal.

i'm not entirely sure how i feel about the HUD thing. i could certainly see its usefulness for anyone that does a lot of audio/visual editing, because they often have tons of plugins installed that may be buried several menus deep. but for the average user, it isn't any more efficient than one or two menu clicks. overall i think it's a cool idea, but it seems to be more of a supplement rather than a worthwhile alternative to regular menus.

if anyone's been waiting for Unity to "mature", i think now is definitely the time to finally jump in!



I've tried the beta a few days ago...a lot better than Ubuntu 11.x, but not as good as Pinguy OS. But, I've seen some improvement in performance as well as various adjustments to the Unity interface, (such as a fixed dock, simpler dash, etc.), I must say that.

I just don't have an acquired taste for Unity and Gnome 3. Maybe eventually it won't be so bad, but it just hasn't worked out for me too well. When I first tried Linux, it was Gnome 2 (and KDE 3.x) that I used, like many others who were newbies at the time. MATE is pretty much alpha right now, and Xfce/LXDE is kind of rough around the edges and utilitarian. Don't even ask me about Win8.



I was hoping the "P" release would have penguin in the name...


Bullwinkle J Moose

This is starting to look like a Microsoft Product!

11 had the No Brainer installation that grandmothers could love and connecting wireless N devices a simple 60 second process (Even from CD Rom)

12 makes installation a headache for new users and connecting to wireless devices is a much more complex process!

I thought Ubuntu was to make computing EASY?

But now, like Microsoft, if it works, break it!

Give a CD of 11 and 12 to someone who has never used Linux before and ask them to Install each to a compatible thumbdrive (Without network updates) and time them

Then give them the name of your wireless N network with a temporary encryption key and ask them to connect using each version and time them

see what I mean?

THIS one goes to 11



I have never connected to an N network, but the 12.04 installer has been great, just as good or better than the previous versions. And for the record Ubuntu 12.04 looks nothing like any Microsoft product I have ever seen.



I don't think your experience is universal, the release has not had a regression due to your experience alone with the installer alone.

Also, I found the installer worked wonderfully...

I was only asked to answer two questions, whether I wanted updates and 3rd party codecs downloaded and installed during the installation, and where to install to before it started copying files.

While it was still copying I was able to use my USB webcam to set my user's avatar, completely out-of-the-box, no setup required.

Once I filled in the time zone, user info, and whether or not to import my Windows docs, a single reboot and it was up-to-date, all 3rd party plugins enabled.

Windows 7 still needs several reboots to install updates after a fresh install.

And, it's version 12.04, not version 12.

Ubuntu has a 6-month release cycle, meaning 12.04 is released in April 2012, 11.10 was released in October 2011, and 11.04 was released in April 2011. 12.10 will be released in October of 2012.

A version "12" there isn't. :P


Bullwinkle J Moose

I'll try it again later today...

The video makes it look pretty impressive!

I gave up a bit too quickly yesterday and broke the CD in frustration

I figured that if it wasn't as easy and fast to learn installs or connecting to wireless as the last version, it must be crap

The video indicates otherwise and it deserves another look

I stand corrected!



i put off using Unity for a long time, mostly because i really liked GNOME 2, and had been happy with 10.10. i'd tried using Unity a couple times, but gave up on it. a few months ago i decided to finally install 11.10 and really give Unity a shot. after using it for a couple days (instead of just a couple of hours, like i had before) i really started to like it. once i decided to look at it as a new interface, instead of expecting it to act like the "old" GNOME, i really fell in love with it. it's just as intuitive as GNOME 2 was, just in a slightly different way. really, the only major change is the main menu is organised a little differently. plenty of Linux users have used dash-type programs for years, like Cairo Dock and AWN, and Unity just sort of merges that into the desktop natively. and 12.04 is another step in the right direction, since Canonical has added the ability to tweak the size of the icons.

it takes a little while to get used to it, but really, it's not a huge difference than GNOME 2. like i said, just think of it as the main menu being changed: once you open folders, it looks nearly identical.



12.04 Precise Pangolin is a terrific OS for me. Been beta testing it for some time now and it feels faster and more polished than any previous linux distro I've used. I prefer it on my notebook over Win8 and Win7. Dual booting on desktop to preserve gaming options but I am very close to pulling the plug on Microsoft.

I'm old and resistant to change but I gave Unity a chance and must say I like it.
Edit: torrent download was reasonably fast.



unity like gnome3 is garbage. I unintstalled unity and installed mate 1.2... man it has come a long way in a short time



i'm not trying to be a dick or anything, i'm just curious...why do you think Unity and GNOME 3 are garbage?



Mate 1.2 seems like a well polished gnome2 to me. Very good but, going against my usual inclination, I decided to give Canonical the benefit of the doubt on Unity. After initial sputters and swearing, I began to like Unity. While I am usually empathy challenged, I do understand those who detest Unity but I am not one of them.



i cant wait untill mint makes a 12.4 based one! (mint 13, i belive) you guys really need to cover more of the linux world- this is a magazine that caters to power users






I've been using Ubuntu since version 5.10 (and using Linux longer than that), but I have absolutely no plans on downloading 12.04 today.

I downloaded it and installed it on Sunday.

I like to beat the rush. I can tell you from previous experience that Ubuntu's servers will be swamped pretty much now through the weekend.



yeah, Ubuntu's servers were so hammered that it brought their website down for a little while!

the torrent download is definitely the way to go: even on my crappy piggy-backed wifi connection, it only took me about ten minutes. if i'd even tried to use the Ubuntu servers, it would've taken me all day!



I downloaded direct at about 7pm tonight and was super speedy, took about ten minutes. Also, it has been pretty great, I have played with it for about the last week and they finally fixed the things that bugged me most about the last two releases. Speed and stability, Unity is fine, especially if you are a keyboard person Unity and the HUD is fantastic.



It was a 5-minute torrent for me. Your connection may vary.



I'm downloading it now, and the speed is maxed out. Granted, my internet speed is 275KB/sec. Just another 34 minutes.



That's why I torrent new releases, it's much faster.

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