Ubuntu 10.10 to be Codenamed Maverick Meerkat



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So when does Maximum PC start with a Linux section in the mag? They could zero in on Ubuntu as the primary distribution. I can understand they want to keep covering Windows but a small Linix section would be nice after all it is Maximum PC not Manimum Windows.



should be named Masturbating Monkey...or for the O release it should be called Orgasmic Orangutan

for the ultimate release it should be called Wanking Walrus 



With each release of Ubuntu; I find less and less reason to use Windows. I still have a 7 partition on my box; but it only gets booted into for games now. And only recent games at that.



I gave up on windows for most tasks a couple years ago.  I find ubuntu easier and faster to use for nearly everything work  and general computing related (so, not windows games, but everything else).  I too still have win7 on my computer, but I think I last booted it 3 months ago.  For most tasks (yes, even system administration) Ubuntu (and really linux distros in general) are just a dream to use.  I sort of believe the only major shortcoming is creative suite-like software (adobe suite, others...), and really good games.  I feel anyone who denys this is probably just not taken the time really get a good thoughough feel for what linux can really  be like.  Saddly all those "I tried linux for one week/month" type reviews just aren't a good assessment.  The first time I tried linux, I dismissed it as "interesting but pointless" too.  It takes so much longer to truely understand the differences and advantages/disadvantages of a different OS.



So how long do you have to use linux to like it? More than a week or month?

I just never found a reason to use it over Windows. 



The issue isn't liking it so much, it's finding and realizing use for it.

Look at it this way. You are probably pretty comfortable using your current set of apps, and even changing the menu options would take a bit of getting used to, and you wouldn't like it at first most likely, even if the changes were to make the menus more intuitive, they wouldn't seem more intutitive at first to you.  Likewise, it will take a while to get used to the billions of differences, and see whether or not the differences make it more favorable to you or not.

To put it concisely, it takes a while to figure out what linux does really well, and what windows still does better(gaming mostly), and whether or not the things linux does better offsets your needs for windows or not.  For me personally, linux suits me better.  I realize that this is definately not always the case though.



I am anxious to try out 10.04 and 10.10.  The developers keep making Ubuntu easier to use.  I hope that they give Windows a run for their money soon.



To me. I'm not a big fan of Ubuntu. Well, I only tested it on Virtual Box. I hope this this V10 has more skins, easier-to-use interface, and more "wow" into it. :)





Virtual box doesn't count.

Linux by far has the best wow factor.

did you use Compiz Fusion? (Virtual Cube Desktop)

It's incredible if you have a smaller screen and want to run a bunch of windows. 


Keith E. Whisman

Deskspace works great in Windows 7 64bit. Deskspace is essentially Compiz without the wobble jello effect. I only use Deskspace when I'm messing with Photoshop or Office with multiple desktops it's easy to navigate. But since I love to play games it's Windows for me. I used to triple boot but not anymore. I only installed Windows 7 this time and am staying away from Linux. Win 7 does everything I can do in Linux and I can more easily play my games in Win7. 



windows certainly does not do everything you can do in linux, however, it most likely does everything you CARE to do in linux.  Likewise, linux doesn't do everything you can do in windows either.  And yes, you game, stick with 7.  I agree.  Saying windows does everything linux does though...that's just false.

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