Ubisoft Makes a Peace Offering to PC Gamers Stung by DRM Disruption



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They'll give in any moment now. They are a French company after all are they not?



You lost a loyal customer. I don't care what titles you release... I'm not getting your franchise and the titles I did own went to the trash dump the other day. Doing stupid .... like you've been doing isn't going to stop piracy, SURPRISE!!! Instead you just ....ed yourself in the PC market. Sure, the little teenage bratt’ might buy your .... till he or she realizes they’ve been ....ed over by your asinine system. Maximum PC! Can you please make an article about this annoying spam filter?! It’s blocking everything!



Guys like Ubisoft and EA still think that "gifts" can ease the massive tension from every legit customer of this game (in fact, my brother bought it off Steam as the workarounds were too much of a hassle).  Haven't they heard of the game...what was it called...Age of Conan?  Freebies don't make a crap game any better.  If anything, they should allow players to return their copies of this slapstick of a game directly to the developer for a F-U-L-L refund and then step aside to let these other developers show 'em how it's done.



Ubi who.....................I used to but their games but no more :(  I don't like to be punished for actually purchasing something!



Too little too late...




Free crap is still crap. The DRM is the problem. NO Ubisoft or EA for me.


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After all this and still Ubisoft DOES NOT get it. Treating legit customers like thief doesn't work. Making other customers pay extra for content that you're gonna give away for free later on to cover a major screw up doesn't work. DRM doesn't work. It's the same as communism, doesn't matter how many times you try to do it over again, you're gonna fail cuz the idea behinds it just doesn't work, how many times must they be confronted with the facts before they learn?.



I wouldn't let this game come within 20 miles of my computer, nor any draconian drm that is *that* restrictive. Good fail Ubisoft, good fail. Not only have you screwed up, you are trying to distract people from the larger issue of your comunist regime with shinies. Nice try... really. *cough*sarcasm*cough*



So now paying customers will have additional content that they won't be able to play. Great idea Ubisoft!



Sorry, UbiSoft. This won't make me buy the game. Until you patch it to remove the draconian DRM protection, I refuse to purchase this game. I'll just go find someone else's game to purchase and play. UbiSoft won't be getting my money nor shall any of their games that use this DRM protection find a path to my PC.

Way to go and screw over us legit customers who always purchase their games. You've done nothing to stop the pirates, yet you've done everything to alienate and screw over legit players.







Doesn't this translate into "So you paid for the special edition stuff? Screw you, sucker, we're giving it away to cover up our screwups."?

I mean, paying customers are still getting screwed by the DRM, but now anyone who paid EXTRA gets screwed extra hard!

Jesus, Ubisoft, I really don't think you understand the way this is supposed to work. *Paying* customers get treated well. Customers who pay *extra* get treated extra well. The expression 'The Customer is always right' exists for a reason guys. They're the folk who put food on your tables, are you SURE you want to be smacking them on the backside and calling them you bi*ch in this day and age? 



thats nice, but can i get a copy of my saved game so i may not have to play from square one when something goes wrong?



Personally I won't be buying another Ubisoft game until the DRM is removed from PC games.

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