Ubisoft Backpedals on Draconian DRM Scheme



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Console gaming doesn’t do it for me.  If it were a 100% console market, I’d be in the camp of people who thought gaming was retarded and for children.


As it stands now, I shell out $1,400 for a kick-ass PC every five or six years and expect a top-of-the-line experience.  When a console game is ported to PC poorly or a PC title is labored with a nasty DRM scheme that infiltrates my OS and/or phones home, I pass or pirate, depending on how bad I want to play the game.


That said, I spend about $400 on Steam every year, and occasionally buy a PC game off the shelf at Best Buy.


I pirated Assassin’s Creed 2.  Because of the DRM.  That’s all.  No DRM = I would have happily bought like I did with AC1.  Played AC2... without issue.  My brother was about to purchase the game and I gave him a copy of my cracked version.  He played it without issue.  Saved $50 and got a superior version of the title.


Moral:  People who pirate win.  People who bought Ubisoft games up until now lost.  They really lost if they bought a Ubisoft title back when they used StarForce.  I heard that compost bricked CD/DVD drives or downgraded them to PIO.


Publishers with Ubisoft’s mindset should just stick to the console market.  There, they can pretty much have their way with the more simpleminded fan base and let Valve, id, Blizzard and indie developers do their thing on the PC platform.


Now if someone would just bring Limbo to PC.



I saw both Settlers 7 and Assassin's Creed 2 on sale on Steam, but elected not to buy the games because of the DRM. They lost two sales from me. Unless Steam puts them back on sale now that the DRM is a little less restrictive I won't be buying anytime soon. Also, I won't call this a win quite yet--I still can't boot up on a long trans-pacific flight for example.



In alot of rural communitys there is only Dial-up like mine was before the Virgin Mobile broadband2go came out with the $40 plan. Dial-up as we all know is very unstable at times also you get the stupid connection drops because of no reason. But since theky are going to be ditching that the rural gamers will have a easier time overall for that company.



Trying to convince execs that DRM is not helping them in any way, is a difficult thing to do.  Their ignorance of reality rivals racist, in that everything they believe is based on pure assumption.  It's the same old things with these A-wipes; they beleive that everyone under the sun is a pirate, and no one would pay for something they could have for free.  While the second part of that is one of the un-arguable, absolute truths of the universe, getting what you want for free is not as easy as jsut doing it...


"We have invested a great deal of time and resources to create the greatest anti-piracy based DRM ever created!"  Is what they say, every time.  And every time, without failure, someone cracks it and gives it away for free.  In this case, not even a full day later!  So now add the loss of sales (which by the way is so theoretical that you can't possibly calculate it) to the cost of developing that DRM (or liscensing it to add it to each of your disk) and you've done nothing but hurt your bottom line that much more.  And what's more, is that how many people do you think actually no how to acquire your software illegally?  It's easy for someone that knows what they are doing, but really, the masses are retarded, and lazy, and several other counter productive, derogatory things.  We are talking about people that would have pizza delivered to their door from across the street.  It's not easy for them to search for the software, find the keygen, figure out how to use it all without infecting their computer with malware, and so on.  That's why these F's call Dell to buy a computer. 


So what does that leave?  A very small percentage of people that at least know how to do enough of these things to be able to acomplish this end.  And out of them, most would have no idea how to actually crack even basic DRM without the assistance of a more elite hacker.  And I doubt that even the majority of this group would have ever paid full retail for your game.  So stop Fing yourself in the A with DRM, it only cost you more on both sides of the argument.


It's pathetic that you "smart, well educated" pricks havne't figured this out for yourselves...



I've been playing this ilegally for ages because it's easier to do than do play it the legal way.



"Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted."



There sure are some very ill-informed (or just plain stupid) executives out there who think that DRM has any hope of fighting piracy. This was a dumb move from the start and could only have ended badly, which it did. I just wish there was some way to reach the people who make these self destructive decisions BEFORE they shoot themselves in the feet. Maybe gamers and technically proficient users should start a consulting firm to cater to that very need.



This is a Major WIN for PC gamers!!!

Thank you Ubisoft for finally caving to pressure!

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