Two New Classes Blazing to Warhammer Online in December



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played wow since closed beta loved it, i have lots of friends that still do. @ first i wasn't all that much interested in pvp then the instances all got to be the same thing, just a grind for gear nothing really new, just a grind.

i found a place i really liked in wow ant that was the battlefields, pvp rocks, kill kill kill   just love it my toons in wow have over 120k combined hk's. not because i'm all that good, it's just that i'm addicted to pvp, but i do have lots of hours spent in pvp.

the patch before the wrotlk made  pally's and warriors an uncontrolable force, wtf all of a sudden i was being 1 hitted, and i had good gear. i actualy found a blue sticky on some forum saying that blizz knew the buffs that they had given some of the classes would make the battlefields unbalanced, but should lvl out by lvl 80

i opened several tickets about what i considered an unjust situation always to get the same, leave a post on the dev's forum answer. one gm actually said i should just roll a new toon if i didn't like how easy it was for some classes to kill on the bg's. i told him that after lvling 5 toons to 70 and helping guildies lvl that i would never and i mean never do that grind again.

well Blizz had made the battlefields a place where i really didn't want to be, it sucked, i lived in those battlefields. 

90% of warcraft pvp is all gear hardly any skill at all


    I swtiched to hammer not to long ago and guess what they are doing a very good job with pvp, it actually takes skill , no more being 1 hit.  yipee. it's not out of the realm of possabilities to kill a player several lvl's higher, if you have the skills. sure gear counts, a little so does your lvl, mainly it is your skill lvl that gets the job done.

hammer pwnes the rvr realm, no looking back @ an outdated wow  marching forward with my fellow warriors.... muhahahahah



Avery feel free to flame away, but your comment screams fan boy. Mark Jacobs was owned? I disagree. First off, I found Jeff Kaplan's criticism childish and snotty and lost quite a bit of respect for him. Secondly I find it idiotic that anyone would put any credence into what one of the head guys at Blizzard has to say about their competitor's game. That's like asking the CEO of Wal-Mart about his shopping experience at Super Target and taking it for gospel. I've played WoW for nearly 4 years and have fallen in and out of love several times. I'll play Wrath and love it for months, I'm sure. It's a wonderful game that's chewed up years of my life. But the putting of a new coat of paint on the same treadmill only holds me for so long. Warhammer's pvp kicks the sh*t out of WoW's, from the scenarios to the taking/defending of keeps. Both titles are kick ass imo that offer uniquely different takes depending on what you're looking for. WoW is no longer a bug fest, but like Mark said, they've had nearly 4 years and billions of dollars at their disposal to make sure it's done right. Warhammer has it's share of bugs but I'd love to know about a title at launch that didn't. I started Wow on day one and they couldn't keep my server up for more than an hour and a half at a time for weeks.




 Competition is good, but the comparisons are getting tired.

 People have to paint one as evil and the other good. It's so tiring and pointless.

 The asthetic and game play elements are quite different. The feel of the two games is different. It's all about personal taste. WAR with all the RVR, PVP, PQ's and doom and gloom appeals to me. WOW with it's RAID oriented play and colorful worlds does not appeal to me. But I gave it a fair shake and I walked away having nothing but good things to say.

Even though I'm sold on WAR, I would not discredit one for the other.



Oh please.  WoW had its share of problems at release also.  The only people who whined about the exclusioin of these two classes were those who played themin the beta.  The rest of us did not miss them at all. 

As for which one is superior to the other?  Just depends on what you want to do?  I liken WoW to a RTS game and War more like FPS.  There is a lot of set up to do anything worth while in WoW you build your resources and expend themin large raids whil in War you pretty much show up to a battelgrond and if ther is one, and you jump in and help out.

I personally after putting 3 years into WoW welcome the refreshing gameplay of Warhammer. 

Plus my tank looks much cooler in Warhammer.



Should of been in from the start. Because of their exlusion the game is very unbalanced. For many its too late and even a better news story would of been Mark jacobs getting owned:

I found this article funny.  Apparently Jacobs didn't.  He is fuming
over on another forum.. and has vowed to take the 'gloves off' when
talking about WOW.

Apparently the offending part of the article was when the WOW
developer questioned why a game would keep up an NDA until the launch
of the game.  In my opinion, this is a very valid question.    You see
this decision playing out on Warhammer since every city seige that has
happened so far has been bugged and exploited.  When beta testers are
'hushed' there is no bully pulpit to get get glaring exploits fixed.

I also found it amusing that the WOW dev experienced a lot of what
the rest of us did.   Very little RvR and the majority of the game is
spent grinding scenarios.

I think the state of Warhammer is pretty apparent when the first
'state of the game' speech will come the day before first renewals and
will amount to  'please don't quit'.   Maybe the second 'state of the
game' speech will have a mop in the background and you can sing Baby
come back..




WoW and its expansion have no chance in the long run with Warhammer. The WoW expansion, will last a few months like WoW always does and people will start migrating to Warhammer, the better pvp and rvr game.

 Right now the game is awesome without both the Black Guard and Knight of the blazing Sun. I predict these two new additions will grab even more WoW'ers to the Warhammer servers.

 Warhammer, is probably the best MMO ever made at this point. Good luck with your loot whoring and WoW crying from your horrible player base




Most likely too little too late.  Let the Exodus begin!

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